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Featuring the modelling of Stephanie Staab and the voicework of Elizabeth Larison.

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  1. Magic Dave says:

    “I will kill you, I will actually kill you!”

    Great for anyone’s who’s watched Project Runway, or even hasn’t seen it, so in other words just great all around. (Heidi’s changing hair every 5 seconds is funny too, but I realize it’s inevitable given the sketch’s style). An excellent addition to the new olde english, not old new Olde english, new new olde english.

  2. Derek says:

    Great. Loved it.

    ‘Green is the new black’

    “No, brown is the new black”

    ‘green is the new black’

    “Green is the old new black. brown is the new new black”

  3. Sellco says:

    wooo third!

    far out guys u’ve raised the bar again……smokin’

    “….bag girl that went to box land and became…..bag woman”!!

  4. Rachel Lynn says:

    such good editing! and it’s laugh out loud funny.

  5. Gustav says:

    haha pretty cool, though not as cool as some of the other recent updates. I love you guys. :D keep it up.

  6. Alex says:

    ” I will kill you, i will actualy kill you”

    Very nice sketch… i dont usualy like those type but it was very well done and VERY funny (again)

    p.s. come to england!

  7. Potato says:

    the sad thing is I like this show… I LOVED THIS!! I would so wear that oufit!

  8. L says:

    This was awsome…

  9. Paul G says:

    LOL oh man geez, i like it when he grabs popcorn from the bad thats so cool ahhahah i will actually kill you oh geez. sniff nice. the butt thing is funny 2 i think a big butt is behind there.. “omg im so sorry lol”

  10. Mattie G says:

    ” I’m Not Physically Attracted To You” ahahahah! Loved the sketch! Never watched the show before, but you just gotta love this sketch!

  11. Suki says:

    Yes, I agree with 90% of the comments above. The part about green is the old new black and brown being the new new black was friggin great.

  12. Jake says:

    My mom and sister became hypnotized by this show. I personally think it sucks. They should too because neither of them give a shit about fasion.

    This, this is a work of art though. Great job guys!

  13. Gawain says:

    Good sketch, I loved the breast feeding bit!

  14. Denise says:

    Well, he is a better designer than Santino…..

  15. Rocktzar says:

    simply amazing, love you guys so much, thanks for the regular updates

  16. Emily says:

    santino makes his debut in an olde english sketch!!!


  17. David's Mom says:

    Incredible editing, great lines, loved the dress! I wish I were in NY so that I could see your show this Wednesday, I know it will be GREAT! Keep up the fantastic work!

  18. David says:

    oh whoops, Mom, my show this Wednesday is with the improv group I’m in, sorry I wasn’t clear

  19. C413B says:


  20. katie says:

    at first i didn’t like raizin’s shaved head. but now i do.
    thanks for always making me laugh guys/girl.

  21. Gordon Gano says:

    beautiful girl, lovely dress

  22. Tougi says:

    The funniest thing here to me is that you’re just a couple of kids fresh out of college, making the rules up as you go, yet when I see similar style sketches on TV, they’re never even close to being this good.

    Actually, that’s a lie. The funniest thing here would have to be the jokes. But the other stuff I said, I still mean that.

  23. Veroni-Co says:

    OMG!! This Is Like So Halarious. I Love It!!

  24. Moochie says:

    Great job! I loved the tearing down walls and “How would I know? I’m German.” bit! Awesome editing!

  25. Kileigh, bitch. says:

    That pretty much made my whole LIFE. Your editing makes me happy on the inside!

  26. timgunnfan1964 says:

    Genius! Bag lady goes to box land and becomes bag woman!

  27. Hilary. says:

    try out for project runway 4 with that. please. if only for the almighty tim gunn’s reaction.
    although you WOULD have to make more outfits, but i’m sure that you can make trader joe’s bags and popcorn into a fetching pair of culottes too!

  28. iriseye says:

    “The cardboard box is made out of silk”
    “Tearing down walls–do you know what that is?
    How would I know, I’m German”

    Brilliant, Just BRILLIANT!!!

  29. iriseye says:

    Plus–the psedo Andre meltdown–


  30. SciFi Ranter Girl says:

    That is hilarious! Brown is the new, new black. Love it!!

  31. Andy says:


  32. Beth says:

    Loved it! Submitted to blogging project runway so hopefully some die-hard PR fans will become die-hard OE fans like me.

  33. Adam says:

    We noticed, Beth! Thanks for the support!

  34. Amanda says:

    That was just about the most amazing thing I have ever seen on this site. I am ready to die now.

  35. Coltan says:

    This sketch really hits home for me, because my uncle’s wife’s brother’s daughter’s boyfriend’s dad goes fishing once in a while with this guy who was almost the key grip boy on project runway, but lost it because the master grip boy doesn’t eat fish. So yah, I really related to this, good job!

    Oh, and all you um, people who said things? yah, we’ve seen the sketch before, so you don’t really need to tell us what they said in it. I mean if there was a deaf person reading this, I’d understand…

  36. Kaydria says:

    This is pretty much the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  37. lena says:

    yeesh, coltan, people are just repeating the lines they loved. you aren’t the friendliest little OE fan, are you? good work everyone, keep this up. I loved how heidi got less and less pregnant as it progressed, it really made me laugh!

  38. Emmy says:

    #1 on the AOL “Video Hot List.” With good reason!! Nice job, OE. I love OE, I love Project Runway, and thus I love this sketch.

    And geez, I wish I had a dress with popcorn on the side.

  39. nicholas G the Wolf says:

    lol thats great

  40. Derek says:

    freaken most funny vidios ever!

  41. Ali says:

    ha this was one of the watched (i should have found this site earlier jeez) but im now commenting on it cause it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!

    “i will kill you, i will actually kill you”

    and the whole green is the new black , no brown is the new black ahh haa haa

    i LOOOOOOVEEEE you guys, my friends are getting annoyed cause i talk about you all the time, always acting out the sketches, haa but they love you too of course

    and i am always watching the new sketches every week, cant wait for more!

  42. Peanut Butter says:

    atlantic city is a bitch :) i lost all my money there

  43. sergeant nate says:

    good job, another slap in the face of mainstream society, RISE BROTHERS THE REVOLUTION IS NIGH!!!!!!!!!

  44. jenna says:

    “i wasn’t breastfed when i was young.”

    “it shows.”

  45. cantankerous says:

    ‘Hey, if you like hard and soft we can together later. i know all sorts of juxtapositions.’

    5 lols up

  46. PJ Joel's Friend frm NH says:

    hot fire. liked it too

  47. danielle says:

    Great for anyone’s who’s watched Project Runway, or even hasn’t seen it, so in other words just great all around. (Heidi’s changing hair every 5 seconds is funny too, but I realize it’s inevitable given the sketch’s style). An excellent addition to the new olde english, not old new Olde english, new new olde english.

    I will kill you, I will actually kill you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  48. NicMason.com says:

    When will the new new black be out in stores..??!?!…!….??

    – NicMason.com

  49. Ophelia says:

    gee wow. i am an intense healthfoodlover so i am an intense traderjoeslover and an intense oldeenglishlover.

    love love love.

  50. JAKEY. says:

    LOL. Absolutely hilarious. LOL.

  51. senia fresh, says:

    i put some popcorn on the side just in case i get hungry later

  52. Spamlet says:

    My favorite line was pretty subtle actually: :I almost had 4 million dollars but…” never seen an episode but it’s funny nonetheless. Which improv group is Dave in? I live in the NYC area and doing longform and sketch at the P.I.T. so I’d love to check all of you guys out onstage.

  53. Ari-Chan says:

    I will actually kill you.

  54. Jackie says:

    Yes I agree the popcorn on the side is very professional looking.
    Man I luv you guys. Awesome sketch.

  55. Matt says:

    Haha. “I was trying to tell the story of bag girl, who went to boxland, and became bag woman.” Hilarious.

  56. Leah says:

    you guys are frakin hilarious! I love your stuff! If you ever have an opening role, give me a shout. Sweetastic.

  57. up2late says:

    This was funny, thanks, I liked your “Father-Son Advice” sketch even more.

  58. Ash says:


    This is THE best thing I’ve EVER seen.

  59. PV2 Cavanaugh says:

    “I will kill you. I will actually kill you.” Those words are now uttered by me on a daily basis. I love your skits.

  60. Tier says:

    I absolutely love how you fling your finger at the lightbulb after the bagwoman part.

  61. Nigzel says:

    One word will say it all: Marvelous.

  62. TACGNOL says:

    *sob*”I was never breast fed!”*sob*

    “Yeah, it shows”

    LOL! Awesome video guys

  63. Ella , israel says:

    this is the first OE sketch i saw.
    i ran into it when i entered “project runway”
    on youtube,saw it, LMAOed, and i got addicted.


  64. max says:

    “Hey, if you like hard and soft…”

    “I will kill you. I will actually kill you.”
    Something my friend would say…

  65. patrick says:

    “This is really about bringing people together, and tearing down walls…you know what thats about, tearing down walls?”

    “How would I know, I’m German”

    I swear you guys are on humor steroids hahaha

  66. Alymicy says:

    wOw…this is awesome! Where do you find these brilliant ideas?? And the first time I saw this, I actually thought you were in the show. It looked convincing (or maybe I’m a gullible person…)

  67. Chris says:

    i think its your funniest video ever.

  68. Thomas Puffdom says:

    Right on! Good post.

  69. Kathy Cheeseman says:

    Good post. Cheers!

  70. Alec R. says:

    “I will kill you! I will actually kill you!”

    “I am not physically attracted to you”

  71. Saraaj says:


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