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Featuring the modelling of Stephanie Staab and the voicework of Elizabeth Larison.

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  1. senia fresh, says:

    i put some popcorn on the side just in case i get hungry later

  2. Spamlet says:

    My favorite line was pretty subtle actually: :I almost had 4 million dollars but…” never seen an episode but it’s funny nonetheless. Which improv group is Dave in? I live in the NYC area and doing longform and sketch at the P.I.T. so I’d love to check all of you guys out onstage.

  3. Ari-Chan says:

    I will actually kill you.

  4. Jackie says:

    Yes I agree the popcorn on the side is very professional looking.
    Man I luv you guys. Awesome sketch.

  5. Matt says:

    Haha. “I was trying to tell the story of bag girl, who went to boxland, and became bag woman.” Hilarious.

  6. Leah says:

    you guys are frakin hilarious! I love your stuff! If you ever have an opening role, give me a shout. Sweetastic.

  7. up2late says:

    This was funny, thanks, I liked your “Father-Son Advice” sketch even more.

  8. Ash says:


    This is THE best thing I’ve EVER seen.

  9. PV2 Cavanaugh says:

    “I will kill you. I will actually kill you.” Those words are now uttered by me on a daily basis. I love your skits.

  10. Tier says:

    I absolutely love how you fling your finger at the lightbulb after the bagwoman part.

  11. Nigzel says:

    One word will say it all: Marvelous.

  12. TACGNOL says:

    *sob*”I was never breast fed!”*sob*

    “Yeah, it shows”

    LOL! Awesome video guys

  13. Ella , israel says:

    this is the first OE sketch i saw.
    i ran into it when i entered “project runway”
    on youtube,saw it, LMAOed, and i got addicted.


  14. max says:

    “Hey, if you like hard and soft…”

    “I will kill you. I will actually kill you.”
    Something my friend would say…

  15. patrick says:

    “This is really about bringing people together, and tearing down walls…you know what thats about, tearing down walls?”

    “How would I know, I’m German”

    I swear you guys are on humor steroids hahaha

  16. Alymicy says:

    wOw…this is awesome! Where do you find these brilliant ideas?? And the first time I saw this, I actually thought you were in the show. It looked convincing (or maybe I’m a gullible person…)

  17. Chris says:

    i think its your funniest video ever.

  18. Thomas Puffdom says:

    Right on! Good post.

  19. Kathy Cheeseman says:

    Good post. Cheers!

  20. Alec R. says:

    “I will kill you! I will actually kill you!”

    “I am not physically attracted to you”

  21. Saraaj says:


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