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  1. Kresten says:

    i love how he windmill attacks and then kills here 4 times lol

  2. Emily says:

    You guys R amazingly awesome! I haven’t seen this one in forever, and this really is Caleb at his best! I love your new ones too, but they can’t beat the older classics.

  3. Walsh says:

    “I inherited three magic beans. A great job; a beautiful wife; and three magic beans”


  4. Alymicy says:

    Yet again (like I wish for all of your movies, they’re so great!) I wish I could portray this skit on a stage…oh well, this movie was excellent!! ;D

  5. TheGinger says:

    this is my all time favorite! Red light……..Green Light!

  6. Dennis Rader says:

    Dr. Seuss on acid and salvia.

  7. Leigh says:

    WHY is this in the vault? This is genius. Caleb is stellar.

  8. http://www.salvialab.com says:

    Amazing site! love the easy layout

  9. damske kabelky says:

    LOL, this stuff is so funny. I will share this.

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