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  1. Holla says:


  2. Phsyco*Hush says:

    hahaha “thats my nizzle”

  3. Chris says:

    So that’s where what the b!@&# came from

  4. Comedic Acorn says:

    I havent watched this in like… a year.

    and i find it funnier now. Rock the bitch on

  5. Justin says:

    Is that Fiona Apple playing in the middle, during the “veranda” part?

  6. Lauren says:

    caleb’s got some serious moves

  7. elliot says:

    ha ha ha ha ha

    im lovin the tv on the radio song at the start they rock like a lumber man!

  8. Loryn says:

    best part: playing shania twain and saying “let’s go girls”

  9. GlenGlingo9 says:

    What the bitch was that?!??!

  10. Roni says:

    Awesome! This one is my all time favorite, except for all the cursing.

  11. Lizz says:

    All the cursing is the best part.

  12. max says:

    WTF Mister Rogers?
    LOL Lumber man

  13. Alexa says:

    the veranda part’s my fave, i gotta say. but the NIZZLE and WOOORD were pretty good too.

    i’m glad we’re together again too, OE.

  14. Lauren says:

    I would think Caleb would get shunned from his family for wearing a Lumber Man AND an Iron Man sweatshirt at the same time!XD

    Such great stuff…

  15. CorporoQuadrigemina says:

    Hold the phone! I just realized that you said “Cotton gin”! That’s not used to make clothing you silly pants.

  16. Mandy says:

    Yessss! What the bitch! Best line ever!

  17. Youllforgetit says:


  18. Free Spirit says:

    Hilarious and fantastic! :) Hurray for all the joy Caleb finds! I love your videos with a lot of joy and happiness expressed in them. :) Or that spread joy and happiness (which is pretty much all of them). :) My road is shining with happiness.

  19. Dodge says:

    what the bitch classic that line and the way it is said is forever funny

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