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  1. Letum says:

    You guys can have some of my moontang any time.
    Fantastic as allways

  2. John G says:

    Really really brilliant writing and dialogue on this one guys. Well Done!

  3. Zarkov Atreas says:

    I jizzed MY spacesuit when I heard the word Moontang. But seriously guys, its hard to clean the jizz out of your suit when you’re in space. It gets cold and sticky and all… uncomfortable. Thanks for the laughs.

  4. J-Man says:

    I’ll probably elaborate later, but for now, THAT WAS HILARIOUS!!!

  5. Laurence says:

    Wow! those are really sweet Icons !

  6. keith says:

    lol moontang

  7. Allen says:

    I live in Houston!

  8. Sean says:

    Bouy -o- Boy, OE, If only we could tap into your genious, bottle it, mass produce it, sell it, then deny any affiliation or royaltys to you guys; we would be a happy happy planet. SUCKA!

  9. Roth says:



  10. Luke says:

    wesome video definately one of yoru best i laughed the hole way through and ive watched it so many times now.

  11. Roni says:

    here comes the fun police.
    i’m sorry, this video sucks.

  12. Roth says:

    Who was Fizzy played by?

  13. tina says:

    that was awfully goofy…

  14. willies boss says:

    it was most enjoyable
    smiled and smiled

  15. Ana says:

    the song at the end is ratatat right?
    whats it called?

  16. PJ Joel's Friend frm NH says:

    SO well written. It seems like yall are really thriving creatively and I just wanted to issue mad propers to you. PJC

  17. Habryoutube says:

    Yes Ana (comment 65), it is Ratatat and the song is called Lex. I got it from My Old Kentucky Blog 7 Aug 2006.

  18. Josh says:

    Watching this at work was the perfect break. I’m not married but every coworker of mine that is now wants to go to the moon. lol. Absolutely brilliant

  19. SaxxonPike says:

    @Roni: It’s a moon thing, you earth queers don’t get it.

  20. JAKEY. says:

    Hahahahaha, This one was really funny. Not as funny as alot of the others, But still very funny. Keep it up :)

  21. Antonio says:

    I was gay on the moon.

  22. M.O fighter says:

    Lets Build a Strip club! LOL!!!! You took picture, rocksamples L-O-L!!!

  23. StarF68 says:

    Hahaha, that was pretty awsome.

    My favorite part:
    “You can’t build a strip club on the moon!”
    “Why not?”

    For some reason this also reminded me of Red VS Blue.

  24. senia fresh, says:

    “what about your wives”

    “fuck em”

    i want moon time

  25. Michael Hoffman says:

    Primo sketch, guys. That Ratatat at the end there?

  26. Ben says:


  27. richmonkey says:

    Uh.. mission control before we do that you should probably stick the paws in the poodle and shove it up your ass!!

  28. spence says:

    houston, texas… good 1… haha loved it

  29. Tucker says:


  30. Bonnii says:


  31. daniel says:

    besides look at all h cool shit we got hahaha brliant

  32. Andrea says:

    love it! i realy like the music at the end too :p

  33. Julie says:

    This is really good. I’m not sure if you guys check everyone’s comments but can you please upload this on podcast? I love it!

  34. Brody says:

    I’m gonna have to agree with Julie (post83) on this one. I just uploaded all your crud and haven’t laughed that hard in a while, but this one still takes the proverbial cake.

  35. D.J. says:

    MOOOOOONTANG!! loved it

  36. Simone says:

    that just made my week

  37. Kim says:

    Sorry. This is sorta long…..Okay:
    Oh man. This video has extreme sarcasm, the word “jizzing”, the most lucid and beautifully termed references to infidelity, an explosion, something from the godzilla flics, astronauts getting excited about death, shiny objects, and a clip-on tie being ripped from the collar of a professional guy at NASA. Basically, it’s pure awesome. *grabs forehead and squints* Why do you guys rock so hard? If I had been very quickly and painlessly murdered within seconds after hearing the phrase,”Yeah, uh- could you stop oppressing us with your atmosphere based value system?”, I’m pretty sure I would have died a very happy person. And also soul-deprived, because the moontang stuff doesn’t come untill after. Either way, just one of your sketches is practically an emulation of all the hilariosity Dane Cook puts on a disc. And it’s free to watch them on the interweb. Sweet deal. Thank you for existing.

  38. Hanna says:

    Sweet sweet moon tang!!
    That is funny for a number of reasons.

  39. Argonaut says:

    I know sketches and other things of this nature should not be over-analyzed, but…
    1- Gamera could breathe fire on the moon in this sketch.
    2- Fire is a combustion reaction that requires oxygen.
    (2.5- The moon does not have an atmosphere, so it does not have oxygen gas in any appreciable amount, so this moon differs from the “real” moon in this respect if the above two points are true.)
    3- If there is oxgyen on the moon, the astronauts should have been able to breathe (and would not have needed pressure suits either), so they could have stayed on the moon until their food ran out.

    But of course, I’m willing to suspend my disbelief and objections and just enjoy this gem of hilarity. Thine English trulee is olde!

  40. Charlotte says:

    the music at the end is ratatat, which is great stuff

  41. Chris Stones says:

    Great use of footage. Very funny.

  42. Nigzel says:

    I. LOVE. THIS!

    I can’t even point out the parts that I like the most – I like it all!

    Simone Says:
    that just made my week

    This made my month!

  43. Kev says:

    Gamera’s fire breath may be hypergolic, Argonaut.

  44. Sabrina says:

    you guys pick out wicked good music

  45. Paul says:

    This is possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever watched..

    “Think about everything on earth you’re going to miss… like your wives-”
    ‘Fuck ’em.”
    “Your children?”
    ‘Fuck ’em!”

  46. johy says:


    ” I’m jizzing in my spacesuit “

  47. Joe says:

    uhh, mission control, before we do that, i think you should stick the paws, in the poodle and SHOVE THE WHOLE THING UP YOUR ASS CUS WERE NOT COMIN HOME MOTHER FUCKER

  48. Russell says:

    This is fucking great. Keep up the good work.

  49. olde english 1# fan says:

    really good even thogh i
    saw it 100 times

  50. wbright92 says:


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