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  1. David says:

    This is one of my favorite OE sketches of all time.

  2. Your Mom says:

    Agreed, its pretty hilarious.

  3. threechordme says:

    this was the first OE sketch i ever saw

  4. Jeannie says:

    Hello again…

    Now this, THIS is my favorite sketch.

    I don’t know how I would survive work without you.

    :) Jeannie

  5. Zach M. says:

    call this creepy that I realized thsi… you never actually pulled your underwear. Are you shittin in your underwear even though your on the toilet? odd

  6. Butler says:

    hmm.. he probably didnt want someone filming him with his bait and tackle out.

  7. mike says:

    lol i figured out how to play his ringtone on guitar
    awspme sketch

  8. Chris D says:

    Jon’s pretty skinny. I wonder what happend to him…

  9. katy says:

    This is such a frickin awesome sketch.

  10. Loryn says:

    oh so many people…where have they all gone? :(

  11. dyno rexx says:

    that was amazing. to be honest, it happened to me before, that sucked…

  12. Derek says:

    no lie, my friend in highschool saw this and actually came into the bathroom i was in durring school one day and yelled “did somebody say laffy taffy?”

    it was great. even funnier because shes a girl.

  13. GlenGlingo9 says:

    I like this one because it includes everyone from olde english

  14. Orange says:

    It won’t load!

  15. Ryan says:

    Haha! Hillarious… Pumping their fists at the urinal… :) and the kid on the left sometimes looks like Ashton Kutcher.

    And I’m suprised this hasn’t been asked yet: Song name?

  16. Summit* says:

    My Favorite.

    Brilliant Guys.


  17. Sirk says:

    I agree with orange, this sketch won’t load, grrr.

  18. Sirk says:

    Ah, leave a comment and it will load =p refreshing doesn’t work grr

  19. elyseforpeace says:

    very clever. i especially like, the instantaneous burst of silence and the line, “let’s move this party to the library” is throwing boisterous parties filled with mayhem in places that are inappropriate for parties fa favorite pastime of yours? clever. cute. good music. nice randomness.

  20. chris says:


  21. Jake says:

    This sketch is hilarious, I just don’t get what’s so embarassing about being on the toilet. Is it just for ironic humor that he’s humiliated by doing what you are actually SUPPOSED to do in a bathroom? I don’t get it.

  22. Kresten says:

    Definetly one of the best on site. So freaken random though…lol.
    You guys rule!

  23. bob says:


  24. bob says:


  25. Lilly says:

    i love this one! i just saw it again after a long while. hilarious..

  26. Lilly says:


  27. trish says:

    this isn’t working anymore . . . update video?

  28. sebastian says:

    the song is “fantastic voyage” by lakeside. coolio does a nice remix.

    i love this one almost as much as first date. this is some crazy s***

  29. rach says:

    i want this to load so i can watch it!

  30. Neil says:

    loads now, thankfully.

    Also, One of my all-time favourites.

    Yes, it was ironic humour, as the one person in the bathroom who is doing what one is supposed to do in the bathroom, is the one who ends up ostracized. Hope this explains it to you all.

  31. Dutchie D. Grimsley says:

    Why is Adam’s hair brown? Does he dye it?

  32. Youllforgetit says:

    It’s impossible to articulate just how much I love you guys.

  33. M. Grimsley, Duke of Dutches County says:

    Ben’s not the first to wipe his nose coming out that stall.

  34. LegalizeIt says:

    Thank you for this fun ode/tribute. Is there a guy (or girl for that matter) of any age, especially a current or former student of a small-to-medium-size residential college or boarding school who can’t relate to this? I think not! :) Uproariously funny. My brother empathized with and felt bad for the boy in the stall and remarked, “I have been forced to be in that situation before.” I laughed wildly at that despite the fact I didn’t think (more like FEEL, my tummy was aching – a good thing in this case) it possible to laugh anymore after laughing so much throughout and for a long while after the sketch. I think he meant that he has been in the awkward position of being in a public restroom um having a difficult time um letting something out and it all made worse by other people entering or exiting the restroom, i hope for his sake OE’s “Bathroom” exact scenario/happenings hasn’t been his experience haha lol though I can almost believe it to be a real life thing at a small to medium-size residential college (like Bard! :) yay) or boarding school. Mayhem mischief madness and friends who are good friends but a bit outrageous. Yes. It is familiar to me. Thanks, OE! Original, clever, inventive, creative/imaginative, brilliant, excellent…as always are/is OE! I see this level of greatness especially in your work from 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, and some of 2007 perhaps you were more un-self-conscious, more unabashed then yet your newer work in other parts of 2007 and in 2008 is ingenious as well. Why have you put so much of your work from all your years in THE VAULT and THE SUPERVAULT? Ok, OE is ingenious nothing you have done isn’t. I’ve said it before, I have watched everything on here and love it all, it’s been a joy over the years, I’ve shared it with family (obviously) and friends who have made OE quite popular in our town and surely your popularity is on the rise everywhere due to you kids doing all you do, the fabulous pass-it-on method and the internet :). Eager for your new stuff to be out, glad you’re working on it. O man now I’m going to The Vault and The Supervalt, maybe I’ll find “Bear”…haha I watched Amelie earlier and have a teddy bear that I’ve had since age 5 who I named Sir Lancelot lol sir hugs-a-lot o my…well thats another video/sketch/story…ciao for now. P.S. If I had the time I would comment on each every masterpiece (in other words, each and every piece) y’all put on here (thanks for sharing), o if only time were on my side…and of course all the comments would be of praise, gratitude, and various other things specific to each particular masterpiece. This is probably my last comment for a very long time however therefore thank you and yes yes sad to say goodbye yet ciao for now. For me it is now other-OE-videos-watching time. PEACE AND LOVE

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