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  1. Macnamara, Sean says:

    aw shit thats scary man but i can again relate to it because ashly (my girlfriend who thinks ur hot/funny) is now my exgurlfriend.

  2. shawn says:

    more like ben’s guide to being a stalker!

  3. Zoe says:


  4. Matt says:

    fuck you guys, i love this one

  5. Dwayne says:

    I’m with Matt here. This was brilliant! Love it, can we get a sequel? ;)

  6. Sarah says:

    omg, i luv how in the credits its like
    “samantha i still love you please get back together with me”
    very sneaky xD

  7. That Guy says:

    Bro dude man chillax okay man? There’s plenty of fish in the sea and shit know what I mean? Have you heard that song “we Care A lot” by Epic? Gnarly stuff bro.

  8. Sam Bass says:

    Congratulations, Ben, on your marriage! :) =) I still think this video is fantastic and surely your wife (she is adorable by the way! aww you two look great together, may you always be happy and live long) won’t be bothered if you move this to the main site? A lot of people, male or female, love this one. We know that you would never actually harm someone (especially in such nasty ways) and that you are in no way suggested that anyone harm anyone. Haha and (o my I hope your wife won’t mind? is her name Samantha? if not, i hope she still sees the cleverness)….I agree with the comment by Sarah on here “omg i luv how in the credits its like ‘samantha i love you please get back together with me’ very sneaky XD” yes very sneaky indeed, in a good way. I love all the little details in Old English videos such as that one that add to everything…i notice these mainly in your videos from 2002-2006 though in some parts of 2007 and 2008 there are clever details as well, and hahaha in your wedding slideshow Adam made…Obama in one of your eyes…oh thats sneaky and priceless. :) Anyway congrats again and this is a funny video. And I’m a feminist. :) I must say I was offended by “Mr. Clean” initially and the one with the balloons then I realized its making fun of Mr. Clean and its commercialism, the commercialism of society that plagues us all and the one with the balloons is making fun of porn and the sexism-disguised-as-socially-cool/sexy crap our society puts out. So thanks for those ones too thanks for all of your videos, Olde English.

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