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Featuring the ever-adorable Gabe Lutge.
Cinematography by Asif Siddiky.
With help from Elizabeth Larison and Marjorie Becker.


  1. Sergeant Nate says:

    Im just gonna make another post cuz there’s about a thousand and i just want to be up tehre so here READ MY SHIT!

  2. ian says:

    it seems like there’s a gun in every sketch now, and i think it’s the same one

  3. Squallboy says:

    Why are you playing basketball just randomly on the sidewalk?

  4. willies boss says:

    I think I will walk my son to Ben and Jerry’s
    This was great
    I think
    Maybe my son has things to show me

  5. QB says:

    I went to FIT!

  6. Allison says:

    i recognize that piano bit from garageband…
    also i was in a haunted house as a zombie and chewed on an arm that looked just like that one… ohhh good times… anyway… funny shit.

  7. Bpgoalie24 says:

    This is my Favorite skit… you should do another one

  8. Zeriose says:

    This made me learn valuable life lessons.
    Like, never carry stuff that your dad might find.
    I’m so glad you guys made this.
    I can feel myself getting smarter watching these.

  9. Chris says:

    haha good job guys.

    “I know that Majuana doesn’t seem like the biggest deal right now, but when your not getting into M-I-T, or F-I-T, your gonna wish you had Q-I-T, W-E-E-D.”

    haha good job

  10. Stacy says:

    hahah i just realized that david spells quit q-i-t. hahaha i love it.

  11. Crockett says:

    Um, word of advice: don’t go to war w/ that grenade. Won’t be very good at getting you out of a tight spot…

  12. emily says:

    this is so funny !!
    u guyz are halarious !! nice work on all videos =)

  13. P.Santos says:


  14. Jim says:

    Why didn’t you allow this video to be saved as a quicktime file?

  15. Steven says:

    *biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig grin on my face* you guys have a gift.


  16. Colin says:

    Good question, Jim, I can’t save this movie as a file, which means that you guys dont allow it to be saved. Why?

  17. miya says:

    “danny.. these are not for little boys ok..”

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