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  1. Casey says:

    You guys are on fire with these latest sketches

  2. Rocktzar says:

    AWSOME! Best sketch you’ve done resently. Sooo funny, Best line “well at least we don’t have to go to work tomorrow”


  3. Ice says:

    First one in a while that wasn’t just entertaining, but actually made me laugh :)

  4. Leon says:

    I love the cat, its the same one from Mysteriousnesses.
    Other wise the robery is my favorite part…WHICH IS AWSOME, PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG… TAKE CARE OF THE GIRL

  5. Trevor says:

    Haha, great sketch. I love the cat

  6. Gogert says:

    You’re so tired you could sleep with a horse!

  7. Plean says:

    Who was the chick in Sleepy Sal’s?

  8. yuki says:

    HAHAHAHAH i love you guys keep up the great work!

  9. Jesse says:

    Great work, guys.
    “Brown hair and glasses! What are you, TIna Fey?” – Probably the best line from your recent sketches.

  10. Suki says:

    greatest. thing. ever.

  11. carolyn says:

    if. you. are. reading. this. your. own. fire.

  12. carolyn says:

    *on. srry.

  13. Charles says:


    grammar much?

  14. Core says:

    Awesome sketch! Keep ’em coming! :D

  15. Vonhessler says:


  16. ryan says:

    haha yes, i loved it, the tina fey part was the best, i actually had to rewind like wait a minute, was that…..and it wasn’t but it was maazing

  17. Hobo Kombat says:

    Ich bein ein motherfucker.

  18. max says:

    im so exhausted i could sleep with a horse

  19. jz says:

    fantastic – calling that lady tina fey was the icing. nice trabajo.

  20. seargant nate says:

    LOL! yeah thats all…

  21. Dwayne says:

    Wow guys, this was most likely the funniest sketch ever, this should go on the homepage with your other classics!!!

  22. Eliza says:

    Ha! I didn’t hear the Tina Fey thing until the second time, but the first time I watched, I was thinking, “Tina Fey…?” Nice sketch. Poor Sleepy Sal :(

  23. Various_PersonX says:

    Actually i’ve seen more russians than i’ve seen italians on staten island

  24. max says:

    LOOK im the staten island fairy “ooooh fuggedaboudit”

  25. Jonsey says:

    Dude, why wasn’t I invited to the rave?

  26. Xutler says:


  27. Monique says:

    Henry is SOOO hot!

  28. mike says:

    jaja I saw an Perfect Dark scene :P

    when you die… and the camera falls down xD

    and it is covered with blood :P

  29. red25o says:

    What street was this filmed on?

  30. max says:

    That reminds me of… linda mccartney…

  31. Youllforgetit says:

    The fairie wings were a good look for you. : P

  32. Alexander the almost-great says:

    YOU’RE ON FIRE aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

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