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This video was made in August 2007, and the effort to prevent the restrictive film rules was effective. There is no longer any need to send an e-mail to Julianne Cho.

Music by Jesse Novak.

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  1. TheBlunderbuss says:

    So who contributed the back beats?

  2. Hazygoose says:

    cool that you got other artists in the video at the end.

    also, the sick of it all shirt fit in quite well. :D

  3. Craig says:

    Good work Olde English. I was about to write an email to “jcho@film.nyc.gov” when i stumbled upon this:


    I must say I am extremely proud to see how effectively this message worked. This skit is even referenced in the article. Independent film makers face enough issues when it comes to filming, and the last thing they need are laws constricting them further. I would like to take this chance to say I am a huge fan of all of your work, not only as an improv. actor but as someone with even a shred of a sense of humor. Please continue this work for years to come as I see no where to go but up for everyone involved.

    Thank you all sincerely for the laughs,

  4. seargant nate says:

    sounded so much like beastie boys it wasn’t even funny… but it was funny. I hope thats a compliment (sp)

  5. googly eyes says:

    This is the problem with big giovernment… they won’t leave you aloner with all this bullsh**.

    Plus, I don’t watch TV anymore, so screw Bloomberg

  6. Gina says:

    Loved it, loved it. Good for you guys.
    I also adore Improv Everywhere, so it’s fabulous they were in your video! Made my day

  7. Imogen says:

    Bloomberg can suck my balls. Good for you guys. I’m glad to see you’re still at it. Love from berlin!

  8. Sarah says:

    oh my gosh you guys, this vid was amazing. ‘specially loved all the other vid makers in the end.
    good luck with everything!!!!

  9. Jill says:

    The rap = flaw-less
    Also – I love Jesse. (I’m glad he’s back for this)

  10. Max says:

    Need MP3!!!!

  11. Mary says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite skits ever.

  12. James says:

    I’d vote for Dave…

  13. Davedawg says:

    Whitest kids you know is absolutely the best thing to happen to the internet since porn.

  14. Fan #543668631 says:

    They sound a lot like beastie boys for sure. Amazing video, very catchy. Awesome as always.

  15. akernal says:

    I love Clara!

  16. Graeme says:

    I’m not even effected by this law, but I think it was still really cool the way you did this. Very effective.

  17. Me says:

    Dave was wearing the same shirt as he was in sad drunk 15-year-old

  18. LegalizeIt says:

    When this video first came out, I sent in quite a few emails, letters, and made phone calls. Thanks for taking a stand! I watched it for the first time in a long while today and it is very entertaining. I love it when you kids do important things like this. By making videos that are smart and entertaining, you get the message across…you guys won, we all won, we couldn’t have done it without you, hurray for that law never being passed! :) Please do more stuff to generate positive change. Wow you guys know some pretty famous comedians I prefer y’all to your friends The Whitest Kids You Know yet they are pretty good and I have seen their movies on Netflix! I am confident that soon Olde English will be equally popular. Best of luck, no matter what happens your many fans and many friends love you always have and always will

  19. LegalizeIt says:

    i just realized that y’all know Improv Everywhere too, wow, they are really good. you guys are still my favorite comedians though. anyway just a little thing i noticed. :) cool.

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