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  1. Eli says:

    This is one of my favorite sketches. I tend to watch it when I’m procrastinating.

  2. Mitchell says:

    you guys should do more of these sketches
    the pjamas are bitchin

  3. Sarah says:

    “Ditto, Stampien.” hahahahah i love it
    my brother and i quote this sketch all the time
    awesome concept. How long did it take to take all the pictures and make them into a movie?

  4. Caro-rific says:

    I have never laughed harder! I was totally getting my coat and my keys to leave and go to work while I watched it, I just had to procrastinate a little longer!

  5. Caro-rific says:

    “Are you positive?” “HIV positive!”
    “Why would my clock have a PM alarm function? Do I need to wake up in the afternoon? No! Alarms happen in the morning, that’s the point!”
    “Alright Stampien! Let’s get into your bed!”
    “People are dying–it’s almost 2 o’clock!”

  6. Caro-rific says:

    And a plan I do have, Stampien! your grandchildren will weep to think I once slept in your bed!

    I love Adam’s facial expressions!!
    I just love this so much! Ok…three posts are a little obsessive…yeah I know…

  7. Ochi says:

    YAY STRONGBAD!!!!!!!!

  8. Robert says:


    the station agent rocks

  9. sergeant nate says:

    i never noticed how disgusting procrastination is.

  10. Jackie says:

    sweet strongbad!
    That was awesome. My favourite quote from that skit was”HIV positive”

  11. alex says:

    i have spent the last two days watching all of your sketches and putting off work. after seeing this one i thought it was a good sign to take a break.
    also, i think i have a little crush on raizin (the general, right?) but then i think maybe it’s more of a combined crush on all of you. funny is the new sexy

  12. Mulwin says:

    Hooray for Strongbad! “Why would it be set for PM..alarms are meant to wake you up in the morning…why would they even make such a–oh, wait, you’re was set for PM.”

  13. some kind of wonderful says:

    Why is the general’s alarm clock in Stampien’s bedroom?

  14. Tara says:

    It’s 2:30 in the morning, and I have to agree with Alex that this will be my last sketch for the night. And that combined crush thing as well.
    Every time I come to this site I leave with eyestrain. And there’s still so much to see!

  15. Betty says:

    Now that’s good internet comedy.

  16. Jessie says:

    now thats good internet comedy

  17. yhana21 says:

    strong bad emails!

  18. dannyboy211 says:

    “…but first I’m gonna watch the new Strong Bad Email.” lol, yes!

  19. Jasen says:

    man. that’s exactly what i’m doing right now instead of writing a ten page paper.

  20. dad says:

    haha it so much better when you know what snood is

  21. Kate says:

    It has become a ritual to watch this video when I’m procrastinating…just to make myself feel a little better.

    Now, excuse me while I peruse Chicago Craigslist.

  22. That girl. says:


  23. max says:

    Wow! I’m HIV Positive too!!!!
    Not really…

  24. Alexa says:


    wow, i havent played snood or looked at the homestar runner site in years. thank you for this gift of remembrance, delicious vintage OE sketch.

  25. James says:

    snood messageboards? is there really such a thing?

  26. Youllforgetit says:

    “HIV positive!”
    Also, that’s my toothbrush. : O

  27. Justin says:

    Is it just me or is it like 1 frame per second???

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