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  1. Ali says:

    woah ive never seen this seriesbefore i have seen every video on your website, i watched them all one day when i was realllyyy bored. ha not bad, i like how he keeps getting cut off ha

  2. Justin says:

    This was really funny! I think it would be worth re-editing this so the sound is in sync with the visual.

  3. Justin says:

    Oops… sorry about that last comment. The sync problem was with MY computer, not the video. Anyhow, it’s still funny.

  4. Your Mom says:

    Oh Joel, come back!!!

  5. Rob Ciano says:

    This sketch never gets old. This and Adam Fever are my top two.

  6. ianfro says:

    that mightve been my favorite out of all the sketches. bravo!

  7. Sergeant Nate says:

    First time i saw this sketch i laughs up a lung. This is the best part of the “DVD”

  8. GlenGlingo9 says:

    (To the remaining members of olde english) Bring back the rest of the gang at all costs! plz I beg you

  9. Tyson says:

    Was the “I wasnt even supposed to be here today” line a reference to Clerks by chance?

  10. Brian Curry says:

    This was the first sketch of yours I ever saw and it has to be my all time favorite. Just the way that the guy delivers the lines, knowing how crazy they sounds makes it hilarious. “Oh…a woman was shot in ______ today. I don’t know why that’s breaking news, and more importantly, I don’t care. A gorilla shot her…” That is classic. This, Banana Salve and Astronauts. We need more along those lines.

  11. Monkey Boy says:

    This is a great sketch, I think the new presenter should have turned into a gorilla at some point though, or a gorilla should have stormed the studio and hit him over the head with a banana or some thing. This would have made a really funny end. Anyway keep up the good work !

  12. Alymicy says:

    Lol, have you seen Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The birds”?
    I’ve always loved this Pentology!! (I’m only saying that ‘cuz there are five movies in this series, and it would sound somewhat innacurate if I said trilogy….)

    Anyhow, you did a great job. :D

    (:D is probably getting annoying…..)

  13. elyseforpeace says:

    fucking brilliant ingenious incredibly well done you are all so talented

  14. elyseforpeace says:

    joel, are you the person who plays the character in this video so well? join Olde English, you are talented and add a whole lot of good to the group, a whole whole lot

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