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  1. Your Mom says:

    I love the DVD sketches. Is there any way to access all the bonus features that must have been on the DVD?

  2. Squallboy says:

    Very cool. An old idea, but still very fun to watch, with a good ending.

    I think Dave should have said “University” instead of “College”. It made me believe less that he was a scholarly professor.

  3. Allison says:

    caleb is so freakin cute. the end

  4. Ochi says:

    I couldn’t even frickin BREATHE, aleb is so cute.

  5. Erica says:

    ha i love that expression at the end. pricelesssssssa

  6. Sarah says:

    I agree. Caleb is increeeeeeeeeeeedibly cute in that sketch.

  7. rainy says:

    whats up with all the wet paint signs?? They are floating around in a few of your sketches.

  8. Jackie says:

    Caleb looked so much like a little kid in that sketch. He was cute.
    That was a crazy sketch but it’s soo crazy that it rocked.

  9. oldeenglishlover says:

    umm isnt anone going to commetn why the crap was raizen NAKED? that was…. slighlty disturbing. lol

  10. Tara says:

    I’m more concerned with Adam’s hand placement in Raizen’s nude scene. Ben sure does cry a lot in these sketches.
    And Caleb was awfully cute. He looked so small…

  11. amsterz says:

    I think Ben has the cutest face ever. :)

  12. luke says:


    that was awesome… the best part was when david gives ben the degree and starts poking his tumor. :D

  13. Ella , israel says:

    =D this is one of your best sketches ever!
    this and guerilla warfare r my favourites out of the GW series.
    excellent acting by ben all through the sketch
    and also Dave as the proffesor, the accent and the dancing,
    it was brilliant!
    and the doctor office, good lord! my eyes! =P
    just kidding. killer body u got there raizin ^_^

    I have a qustion- do you write all your sketches together?
    or like, in this series, each part was written by a different member?
    it’s just interesting to know since you can see the different
    style of each part (in the atmosphere, dialoges , humor)
    and there r no credits as to who wrote what.

    well anyway, keep it up
    love ya guys a lot! 6_6

  14. Kiritic says:

    Raizin… naked…
    One down, Three to go! jk ;P

  15. Kiritic says:

    wait, no, four. :P

  16. John Marlo says:

    I love Ben’s fancy facework in this sketch.

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