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  1. Manon says:

    Blood pressure, Schmood Schmesshure!

  2. koop says:

    and also very dissappointed in you!

  3. Squallboy says:

    This sketch went pretty slow for me.
    It was very frustrating.

  4. Kellye says:

    I’d say that I liked this one and Disaster Checklist the best out of the entire Gorilla Warfare series! Great job you guys.

  5. Ochi says:

    After Caleb died, you should have had Raven toss his glass away from the tray, like over her shoulder.

  6. Andy says:

    Haha, magically appearing socks on Raven :P.

  7. Zach says:

    “I’m in a lot of pain, and also very dissapointed in you!”

  8. Stephanie says:

    It reminded me a lot of Austin Powers (the first one) where Dr. Evil would send the bad guys down into the flame room and that one guy was still alive and you could hear him talking through the vents

  9. Tyson F. says:

    This whole series reminded me alot of Georege A. Romero’s zombie flicks. I love those movies and I love these as well.

  10. Munro says:

    How did you get Adam to wear that dress? This is one of your best sketches.

  11. Tyson F. says:

    You think its weird he was in a dress? Check out “Queens is Great”.

  12. Tara says:

    Adam is very exotic and European in this one.

  13. GlenGlingo9 says:

    Adam is sooo efeminete

  14. Tyson says:

    Who’s house is that?

  15. btown says:

    haha! funny, but the endings really sad great sketch keep up comin

    P.S happy Easter!

  16. Sebs says:

    How is the door magically keeping the gorillas out????

  17. Casey says:

    I personally loved this one, it was slow but it is was more dark comedy then you guys usually do, and I liked the change of pace

  18. Austin says:

    raven’s kinda cute

  19. sarra says:

    that recorded message at the end is like Rousseau’s message, from Lost!

  20. Kristin says:

    I really liked this one, I just didn’t like how it ended, but you guys made me laugh a lot!

  21. Lily says:

    Raven should have walked out the door after hearing the radio.

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