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Music by Jesse Novak.

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  1. Devin says:

    I love this one! You guys are great. I’ve followed you since 8th grade now (I’m entering my Senior year of HS) and you’ve never let me down. I spent a year determined to go to the school you guys are (were?) based out of to see if I could audition.

  2. T-$ says:

    Ha, I love that guy in the end… who is he, just some random “evil” guy?

  3. carolyn says:

    basically awesome.

  4. Patrick Brady says:

    Beautiful! And hilarious!

    I just found out about you guys last night when Maria Bamford was at Comix and said she was going to your show right after. Wish I could’ve gone. I’ll check you out next time!

  5. andrew says:

    you have to see this vid about iphone:

  6. iMatt says:

    WOW! I wish I could have been the fat guy eating gummy worms…

  7. Shannon says:

    This sort of KIND OF makes me want to get a Sidekick. Oh well. I think I’ll go watch Report Card again.

    I am also getting the feeling that this sketch is really all about Caleb’s eyebrows.


  8. Max says:

    you should definently make a new one of these for the 3G. It just came out yesterday and i would love to see a parody of it. Have any of you guys seen those iphone commercial parodies on collegehumor.com? There really funny and jesse novak did the music

  9. Liz says:

    This was terrific. I’ve been watching your videos for a few years now and it’s amazing how your filmmaking skills have grown.

  10. Sandra says:

    <3 it

  11. Dave says:

    What’s the name of the song?

  12. Keaton says:

    TV’s John Gemberling!!

  13. Sarah says:

    Wow, really really clever.
    Love it lots =D

  14. tay tay theo!!!! says:

    thhis is surprisingly very depressing

  15. Arnab Saha says:

    That’s like…too good for the internet. I liked that he just had an emergency laptop and several hundred metres of extension cord and stuff around.

  16. Brandon says:

    no offense i love most of your work but this sucked i didnt enjoy it one bit the I Hate Nature videos were hilarious but this one not so much agsin no offense

  17. Jak says:

    i almost cried when i watched this….the poor guy :'(

  18. KEITH!!! says:

    Omg did you guys really hammer that poor laptop, cell phone, and ipod? assholes!

  19. Jacob says:

    Beautiful. Buster Keaton is finally smiling….in heaven.

  20. Niko M. says:

    One of my favorites

  21. Will says:

    That was totally Joel who took all the iPhones in the beginning. Aww poor Caleb. And Ben too lol.

  22. Tolga says:

    Very well done!

    Great work! I’ve enjoyed it.

  23. Will says:

    The iphone is only 4gigabytes? Im watching this on my itouch which is 16 gigs

  24. olde english 1# fan says:

    not that good but you guys are
    stil the best

  25. The Man says:

    I gotta tell you, that was pretty shit.
    I don’t even get it. Was is just some fake ad for the Iphone or something?

  26. MuMu says:

    LoL guys check the date this video was made!

    One of the greatest online videos I watched!

  27. Fyodor says:

    I first saw this video three or four years ago.And every now and then, that catchy little xylophone jingle STILL pops into my head. Still. I liked it so much that I even tried emailing Jesse Novak about it, with no response. So, really, I’m at a loss, here. The tune makes me insane. I can’t find it anywhere, much less on Mr. Novak’s site. My options are none. What has this world come to?

  28. Noxat says:

    Yay I tracked this skit down after all these years. Still love it!

  29. Andrew says:

    Aw yeah I can’t wait for the iPhone to come out

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