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  1. Your Mom says:

    Jon was amazing! The quality is kind of crappy, but it’s an amazing video.

  2. Jon says:

    oh wow. this is a hilarious video :P. thanks for posting it guys

  3. Chris says:

    This is a great video…you guys should put a better res version, though.

  4. Andy says:

    Is the music by the Fine Young Cannibals? Boy, that brings back memories.

  5. Chris D says:

    Jon’s a superb dancer.

  6. Kaylee says:

    i am in love…amazing guys

  7. Kaylee says:

    i am in love…amazing guys

  8. heliotrope says:

    Olde English, you are amazing.
    In the words of this sketch, my ovaries are yours for the taking.

  9. GlenGlingo9 says:

    Funktastic Jon!

  10. amsterz says:


  11. Koshi says:

    Haha! By far my fav of the dream sketches, and definately the most random!

  12. Ella , israel says:

    it was worth the waiting ( for it to download) =)
    you guys r so much better than anything there ‘s on TV!

  13. Lalazx says:


  14. Walsh says:

    Definitely the best of the dream sketches.

  15. Dylan says:

    I remember when this dream sketch was the PIE symbol at the bottom of the website…. good days they were. AWESOME SKETCH THOUGH

  16. Free Spirit says:

    THIS IS PERFECTION! PERFECT! :) <3 I never tire of it, start to finish. I think I've watched this 20 times and the other dream sketches almost as many times. All the dream sketches are great, I like that/just how they all tie/weave into one another in one way or another. This is my favorite because of the dancing by Jon (and some other kids whose names I don't know, mainly by Jon though). Hehe and the ending – hahahaha! :) <3

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