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  1. Your Mom says:


    Hey, I have a question. How come some of the sketches are hidden? Is there any chance they’ll ever be put up on the main page?

    Seriously, a couple of them, like “Dancing Days” and “Babysitting” are right up there in my list of favorites.

  2. threechordme says:

    yes why are some of the sketches gone?

  3. Billy says:

    Ben is the hottest.

  4. T says:

    Yo Tex, what’s up man how’s it goin?!

  5. seargeant nate says:

    oh no boiling pepsi!? HHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!!!!

  6. Alissa says:

    Hana absolutely slays me in this one. What terrific acting.

  7. Todd says:

    HA! Penis is on first… comic genius…

  8. bartfarter says:

    holy shit you guys are good actors

  9. Jackie says:

    ya you guys are good actors. it actually looks like you guys r crying! for real!

  10. Tyson F. says:

    Man you guys have some seriously fucked up Abbott and Costello
    fans in NY.

  11. kara says:


  12. mishu says:

    lol this is one of my faves now. good one!

  13. lenny says:

    my chain. it is yanked.

  14. Mulwin says:

    This one really grows on you.

    “Oh, man, I have so much Stockholm Syndrome! Yo, Tex, what’s up?”

    Nice job all across the board. “Well, we have a policy of sticking people’s faces into boiling pesto!”

  15. Tara says:

    This must have been grueling. Great work from everyone. Ben and Hana were especially convincing, and I was torn between despair and amusement.
    Poor Ben’s mom.

  16. Darren says:

    Hana is such a convincing actress, your sketch is so twisted.

  17. Rock. says:

    my 7th grade class had to act out who’s on first by abbott and costello. Funny sketch

  18. Betty says:

    Yeah, this is pretty twisted…. I was actually tempted to call the police…. heh?

  19. Orange says:

    Ben looks like my uncle’s brother.
    I think he is my uncle’s brother.

  20. Jubul says:

    Oh, Adam and his enthusiasm. Gets me every time. =)

  21. B Lane says:

    Great acting on the whole. I liked this one which is even cooler cause it wasn’t even that funny! That’s how dramatic it was!

  22. Ella, Israel says:

    wow…. ok… this is preety different from all your other sketches, really stressed atmosphere.

    Caleb and hana ‘s acting was amazing. how come they don’t start laughing?

    and tavit looks so stoned!….. it’s the ‘boiling pesto’ , i’m sure…

    dave probably pooled the short straw and had to be the cameraman on this one’ right?
    or maybe he just went on vacation?

  23. mikael says:

    Dave’s mom is crying because he’s dead, that’s from the Playing Dead sketch innit?

  24. j says:

    The huge pause before ‘buttfart’ makes it so much funnier.

  25. Joanna says:

    is it sad to say i cried?
    seriously, i laughed, i cried, i was forever changed.


  26. Louis says:

    omg such good acting unless it was real

  27. Jimmy says:

    why did no one else notice the star trek reference about galen. Why am I alone!!!?????

  28. Mikey says:

    I’m amazed only two comments have mentioned abbott and costello…. heh heh heh that was hilarious

  29. Jake says:

    I always thought it was pronounced “Tav-it”, not “Tuh-veet”.

  30. Eric says:

    adam: guys, special delivery! BOOBIES!!!!

  31. Youllforgetit says:

    It’s made me so happy that you guys referenced Stockholm Syndrom in one of your skits!!!!

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