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Intro animation by Oren Brimer.
Music by Jesse Novak.
Download the mp3 of So in Love With My Lady.

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  1. jess says:

    brilliant! love the references.

  2. Sarah says:

    “Door is ajar, beep beep beep! Oh dear. I don’t know where I am. It is dark and I am scared.”


  3. Peanut says:

    This is brilliant!!!

  4. carolyn says:

    i think this is my fav. i love the milk!! u guys are the best

  5. Flynn says:


    “Join my on my planet”

    I’m laughing very hard.

  6. Rogério Rocha says:

    One must be very knowledgeable to make an impression on someone who is not an actual celebrity, and you guys made it.


  7. Walsh says:

    The newsticker was awesome.

  8. Ryan says:

    But he is an actual celeberty… lol

  9. Jackson Bartell says:

    Definitely one of my new favorites hahahaa

  10. Ian says:


  11. Zoe says:

    Good heavens! I love this guy! (Not the real Michel Gondry, although I like him alright. I just love the silly impression of him. I want to be his best friend.) Hilarious, and I still really want to be fake-Michel-Gondry’s best friend. Clouds on leashes! Gold!

  12. Alymicy says:

    Hahahahaha, I love how brilliantly obnoxious and convincing Raizin’s accent is, along with Adam’s too. Is that actually the Michel Gondry place??? (jk, I know it’s not…)

  13. Fashiondujour says:

    Raphael is quite simply the greatest

  14. Redzombie says:

    hahaha nice….yo raizin/raphael i ran into you on the street yesterday…we had the same shoes…damn we’re cool

  15. Shannon says:

    “It is cold because I made it when a woman broke my heart.”

    Still excellent.

  16. Christine says:

    I can never get enough of this one. I think I love Raizin Michael Gondry more than real Michael Gondry. You guys are hilarious.

  17. Ike says:

    Hello, I am Michel Gondry, this is the news. Top story tonight, a cat has died. Very sad. In other news, I read the news story about the cat dying. I did a pretty good job.


  18. Haruspex says:

    “Sorry, this video player is no longer available.”

  19. Haruspex says:

    Yay, the video is now back up in Quick Time format ;)

  20. yeppers says:

    1. you have been on a steep incline of greatness since
    2. the days of swasticats and that planned parenthood ad which
    3. upon first screening became an instant fond memory
    4. which i guess you can’t put on the internet…
    5. because of all the sex?


  21. Adam says:

    Yeppers — correct.

  22. Fan #543668631 says:

    Every scene is hilarious or clever or both, so very well done and awesome.

  23. Dutchie D. Grimsley says:

    Never realized that that wasn’t a real White Stripes song.

  24. BT says:

    I wish these guys were still funny…

  25. Grimsley, the Dutch Master says:

    I’d settle for them being not funny, as long as there were videos coming.

  26. youllforgetit says:

    List of songs used please? ^ ^
    As always, hil-fucking-arious.

  27. venus says:


  28. LegalizeIt says:

    Golden. Gold. Perfect. Perfection. O my wow. I hope the real Michel Gondry sees this, something inside tells me he will love it. It’s just divine. What a great idea! You guys have the best ideas, I never would have thought of this much less been able to create it, act in it, and pull it off so so so perfectly, omg I am a big Gondry fan and an even bigger OE fan. Bravissimo, Olde English. <3 :) *thunderous applause and standing ovations…for this piece and all your pieces, all your work past present future* In other news…others have often asked about the music in each video…I wonder often as well…you kids should post a list of the songs/music you use in each video bellow it or something

  29. I_Like_It says:

    Strange. Not my fave of all your works, but creative and imaginative as always. You guys are fantastic.


  30. Ficus says:

    As you can see, I have lots of clouds here, which I found hiding in a bag of cotton balls…so I tied them to a leash, and now they are mine…

    LOVE! :D

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