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Cinematography by the talented Asif Siddiky.

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  1. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Ben Popik: “My twin brother came all the way from Texas for this. My twin brother!”

    Ah, now we know what he looks like! hehheh

  2. Awesomedawson says:

    Barbara streisand. LOLZ

  3. Michael says:

    “and right before you about to shoot him….notice the qoutations” pure Laughter LOL

  4. Ron says:

    Why are the actors projecting their voices so much? It doesn’t feel like they’re talking to each other but performing for an audience instead. I can understand why they might do it in a live setting, but for a video sketch it takes away from the humor. As if they’re all saying: “Look at how we’re talking! Aren’t we SOOO ridiculous!?”

  5. Farsheed says:

    This video is awesome! nice updates to the site…see you in chicago!

  6. J-Man says:

    This one’s probably one of my favorites. I love the way Caleb freaks out at Dave shooting Ben, hahaha.

    I also liked, “Like eggs and bacon.”

  7. BlackSheep says:

    “I like killing people”
    “You like killing people?”
    “Yeah, is it a crime to love your job?”

    Lol, Keep up ya work.

  8. Renee says:

    One of my favorite sketches of all time! It seems like some kind of tv show about a robbing gang. Comic genius.

  9. Rocktzar says:

    Ben realy has a twin! wow lol great sketch

  10. Mary says:

    nice accents.

  11. Mary says:

    did I spell that right?

  12. UberJimmy says:

    “we don’t have a couple of months. All if we have is me, you, and a dog named boo, so give us the fucking money.”

  13. mike says:

    hey, does it say “pain” on the wall?

  14. mike says:

    there is probably a t there isnt there… thats just funny

  15. As Normal as peanut butter on a porpoise says:

    I’m probably the only one who thinks this but at the end Dave kinda sounds a liiiiiiiiittle bit like Jerry Seinfield….but I really liked this sketch…despite the love of drilling fingers and killing people…Keep up the great work!

  16. Ben says:

    it says “PAINT”

  17. Roy says:

    alright, let’s show’em the way to Barbara Streisand’s house.

  18. Roy says:

    Btw, nice mobster hair. You guys have the hair perfect

  19. scott says:

    aim for the knuckles and EEEERGH!

  20. Andie says:

    Its like the unholy love-child of Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen, with a special guest appearance by Oscar the Grouch. I havent laughed so hard in a long time.

  21. Carlyn says:

    dave DOES sound a bit like jerry seinfeld.

  22. liz says:

    So, how did the mobsters get from the room with “paint” on the wall to the kitchen? How did the twin brother get in the kitchen?

    Do mobsters and twins have teleportation powers you’re not telling us? That would make things so much easier.

  23. Squallboy says:

    This is one of my favorites because of the great writing, and Caleb’s reaction to the shot was hilarious.

    How hard was it for Raizin to speak like that?

  24. Chris D says:

    Caleb’s most nuanced performance

  25. Katie says:

    um, i know this is kinda late..but TheBlunderBuss, when you said now we know what Ben’s twin brother looks like..were you being serious? He’s Ben’s TWIN, so just by looking at Ben, we’d know what he looks like. Silly. :)

  26. Katie says:

    Oh man, I forgot to say how great this was really excellent guys!

  27. GlenGlingo9 says:

    What does take em 2 barbara striesand’s house mean? I dont get it

  28. GlenGlingo9 says:

    I worship all of you guys

  29. christmas says:

    Is your name Jason?
    You know, the whole ‘get someone else’s wife knocked up – steal a bunch of gold statues – run like hell’ deal..

  30. Cork says:

    Haha i didn’t even notice how his had had been drilled right at the start

  31. Kiritic says:

    Ben is the most talented cryer in this entire group, although Tavit is pretty good too

  32. Kiritic says:

    “I killed an emoo once…that was tough.”

    He shouldn’t feel bad about killing an emu. Those things are freakin’ psychopaths

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