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Featuring Dan Klein.
Edited by Ed Mundy.
Puppet by James Wojtal Jr.
Mogwai voice by Joanna Hutko.

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  1. woods says:


    Incidentally, I once had a best friend called Mogwai… but some stuff happened and one thing led to another and in the end I killed him…I dont know why I always have to kill everything I love anyways, U GUYS OWN


  2. iMatt says:

    I totally wondered why my Mogwai was kinda screwed up!

  3. Kevin says:

    What’s the beer in this one? Are they drinkin’ O’Douls? Are you drinkin O’Douls? Mother F%^&a dont you touch my O’douls, noo

  4. SMack says:

    this video belongs on the top of your site… it’s definitely one of my favorites by you guys.

    keep up the great work

  5. tesssssss says:

    Okay, just to be sure, can WE eat the MOGWAI after midnight?

  6. Dan's Stalker says:


  7. ickey says:

    lulz n junk..

  8. Kikolani says:

    Poor Mogwai!

  9. Ishaq says:

    Uh yea, funny ass shit! Needed to laugh to laugh this hard so I could pass that fucked up cranberry sauce I ate. Someone should tell the elderly there’s more to the de-canning and slicing after 30 years of storage.

  10. Max says:

    Dave has all the good lines in this one

    “This thing is Awesome, we gotta dunk it in water!”

    “Just to be sure, can we eat the mogwai after midnight?”

  11. Max says:

    also please put this on itunes! im begging you! it would be awesome if you put all the superdeluxe vids on there(you dont have to though cause thats like 50 vids) too

  12. Chris says:


  13. applecakes says:

    more! more mogwai!! please?

    nice puppeteering :) bring out the gremlins!

  14. Fan #543668631 says:

    Amazing as always. This is how the movie should of been, testing the rules on the mogwai.

    Awesome puppet work too.

  15. OzzyBoy says:

    Funny shit

    there should be a part 2

  16. Ronnie says:

    In Cantonese(a Chinese dialect), mo-gwai means monster. I can see no relation.
    LOL. Funny video.

  17. Fun says:

    Look how Mogwai nods ‘yes’ when they wonder if he knows about daylight saving system. Hilarious!

  18. will says:

    hehehe, if you keep on clicking the bar at the 50 second mark it sounds like the guy keeps on saying ass

  19. poopy stinky loggy bog says:

    nmklafbgasdvjnaWDGKJasdfuhasdfbads you guys are such bad ass’ *sarcasim* now you should shut the fuck up and start acting straight as in gay a not gay

  20. ViceBlitz says:

    I had a friend who was really chinese.

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