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Edited by Oren Brimer. Additional cinematography and editing by Chioke Nassor.

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  1. Catoldo says:

    O.K., not to be critical, but you really need some fireside enrgy efficient armadillos in that skit. On the bright side, you really did look good with the beard and haircut and tatto and evrything.

  2. Celedor says:

    Amazing. Not laugh-out-loud as much as you guys sometimes can be, but maybe your cleverest work to date.

  3. Primate in Cincinnati says:

    I thought this was hysterical. Ben rules.

  4. Phroxen says:

    Loved the Saw 3 reference lol.

  5. Conor says:

    That was one of my favorite skits you guys have done! Loved the Africa one!!!

  6. Xutler says:

    the strange thing is i did all those things

  7. Levi says:

    WHAT?! this should be with the other videos… love it!

  8. Sam Bass says:

    I agree with Levi! I love this and it should be with the other videos.

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