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Featuring Curtis Gwinn.

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  1. Alex says:

    first post again?!

  2. Michael says:

    i would buy that clown for the kids i dont have

  3. Noah says:

    This is probably only funny if you’ve seen No Country. Which I have. So it was flippin’ hilarious.

  4. Corbin says:

    I expect better from you, OE! Come on!

  5. Casey says:

    Another great one, although I agree that it’s only funny for those who’ve seen No Country. Those who haven’t are missing out on an amazing film.

  6. amalia says:

    1) What is Corbin Bleu doing on Olde English’s site?

    2) i thought it was funny and i did not see no country so i guess you guys are just always funny

  7. Sergeant Nate says:

    excellent use of small asian kid

  8. dreaming pixels says:

    since I saw no country for old men, I must say i wish this was what had actually happened. You know, as opposed to all the dead ppl. That scene with the little girl was brilliant, “the coin was in your ear. (she claps) but it was tails.”
    that scene was brilliant, the rest was just sort of okay.

  9. Jake says:

    Are they doing sketches about all the “Best Picture” nominees? If so, PLEASE do “There Will Be Blood” next! That movie was amazing.

  10. Sergeant Nate says:

    Oh i know what it was. This video was much too quiet! Put some tense music in there and it would be much better

  11. Foxspace says:

    this video made me feel:

    What is love? baby dont hurt me
    Baby dont hurt me
    no more.

  12. me. says:

    …but it was tails.

  13. Longtime Fan says:

    these videos are amusing, but not what i expect from OE. i miss the days when you guys would just come up with absolutely ridiculous stuff like “how much would i have to pay you to kill a puppy?”

    <3 Old Olde English

  14. Casper says:

    I saw this vid before I’ve seen the movie. I thought it wasn’t funny. Now I watched the movie and was laughing for two hours. Thanks, OE! :)

  15. Bruxelles says:

    “There Will Be Blood” & No Country for Old Men” both crap movies! Now, I’m a movie buff that goes to the cinema at least 2 times a week & these have to be one of the crappiest movies I’ve seen in quite some time!

    Always waiting to get excited about something but nothing ever happened to get excited about!

    Common where have we now gone to with all of these crap films being honored for doing nothing but costing a ton of money to make and even worse wasting my time & money watching them!

    Please lets hope these directors wake up & start to make some decent films again as we certainly deserve it as paying customers to be satisfied with decent films!

  16. Rocktzar says:

    lol was weird but very funny, i haven’t seen the movie but i think i know what to exspect now

  17. Annmarie's mom says:

    I’m holding your clown nose hostage.

  18. NickGe says:

    Thanks OE for continuously bringing the laughs.
    Watched SNL’s take of will be blood/no country, and it’s just another nail in the unfunny coffin, whilst stuff like you guys only gets better.

  19. Evilcritter says:

    God this was funny. That little girl was amazing.
    And the movie was spectacular. People who didn’t like it just can’t handle it when things don’t get wrapped up in a neat little package. The Coen brothers get better with every film.
    But Old Country is the only Oscar contender I have seen, so I’m kinda hoping you don’t keep this trend up.

  20. Dani says:


  21. joan!! says:

    “call us when you’re not ASIAN!”

    anyways AMAZING!!

  22. Ashley says:

    i love it.
    thank you.

  23. Morwin says:

    I’m GLAD you didn’t put in any tense music, because there wasn’t any music in the movie…so it works out nicely.

  24. Dave says:

    Bruxelles, what would you consider an excellent recent film? I am just curious.

  25. Chris says:

    Hahaha I love this. Obviously it’s not gonna be funny if you didn’t see the movie.

  26. Cameron says:

    haha the disappointment on the little girls face..

    as always

  27. person says:

    I saw Old Country, didn’t find it so great, but it was worth seeing just so I could watch this and laugh my head off! I thought this was really good. “A pony?” “You stand to win everything.” “A baby?” hahaha

  28. person says:

    whoops I mean No Country

  29. dPHO says:


    It was in your ear.

    But it was tails.

  30. alex says:

    Oh god. the end is hysterical.

    I remember watching this a while back without having already seen No Country For Old Men, but I watched it yesterday and this is so much funnier now.

  31. Xutler says:

    hes coming to my party!

  32. asdf says:

    he really looks like the real guy haha

  33. Adamn says:

    hey this was funny and clever

    forget whoever said “OE could do better”…NO ONE could do better than THIS!

  34. Tony says:

    I want a dragon.

  35. Paul says:

    Now that I’ve actually seen the movie, this is absolutely hilarious. Good work.

  36. Mary says:

    This was hysterical. People who don’t like No Country for Old Men confuse me. That movie was brilliant.

  37. dude says:

    now this one was funny… i was falling asleep from the first couple of videos on this site.. good stuff

  38. MojoMan says:

    As an aspiring film person, what kind of camera did you shoot this with and how did you achieve the film look?

  39. Fan #543668631 says:

    Didn’t see the movie before this and it was just hilarious, did not need to see the movie to appreciate how funny this sketch was. The little Asian girl’s reaction was the best.

    After seeing the movie this sketch does become even funnier though.

    Awesome as so many/

  40. Rocktzar says:

    just watched the film and this sketch is now a million times more amazing

  41. chloe says:

    the little asian girl was amazing! she is a great actor!

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