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Featuring Joel Clark.

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  1. Andrew says:

    LOL very funny!!

  2. John says:


    (first comment)

  3. jun says:

    FIRST!!!! =D
    keep up the great work guys

  4. Lee-Uh says:

    “i’m deaf…… i’m deaf……. i’m deaf….. OH yeah I told ben”

  5. sarra says:


  6. Mark says:

    Isn’t the most dangerous game… man?
    Also, Raphael is golden in this one. That guy is awesome.

  7. tay tay theo!!!! says:


  8. boxman says:

    Excellent. The style reminded me a lot of old Olde English.

    I really liked when Adam slapped Ben on the face when he was crying about the pussy.

    The recent sketches have been great, guys! Keep it up.

  9. boxman says:

    Oh, and obviously it’s always great to see Joel back. I like how you keep your alums close. The real question though – where’s Hana? Just sayin’. :P

  10. Butts says:

    I liked the part where Adam slapped Ben’s face.

    Like the prank where if your hand is bigger than your face you have cancer, AIDs, etc. and when they check you push their hand into their face.

    ^Just in case anyone is dumb.

    I dunno if that’s what you were going for though.

  11. Trevor says:

    Wow that was so awesome. I can’t stop laughing. Great job guys, keep it up.

  12. Christine says:

    I missed stuff like this. I really did.

    “I don’t actually work here. I’m really just two kids dressed up like a big person,” made me LOL.

  13. michael says:

    man dave likes getting that PUSS-AYYYYY

    keep up the great up

    Caleb you;ll get the orangatang lobster sumday

  14. mike says:

    i beg of you, please make more of “on the job”
    videos that was hilarious

  15. Nicole says:

    i’m sure this video will get all of you guys some puss-aaayyy!!

  16. Dashi says:

    ha, made my day…

    ok…back to the history paper

  17. Craig says:

    I want to see Hannah in a sketch again! Since she left the group there seems to be this void. You guys still make good videos, but Hannah just complimented Olde English so much.

  18. Phil says:

    This was pretty damn awesome.

  19. Todd Konya says:


  20. Laurie The Zilla says:

    This sketch seems to be a fun and interactive way to learn the names of everybody in the troupe, but I watched it too late. You’re still “Semi Bearded Suit Wearing Guy”, “Funny Aryan Fella”, “The Mustard Face Dude”, “Bennigan’s Waiter Lookalike Man”, and “The One I Once Saw Alone In A Bar Weeping Quietly Over An Appletini” to me.

  21. Leon says:

    I woulda had first post but i was to busy getting that PUSSAY

    LOL great job!!!

    Fav part was the reference to unity force I was fighting the most dangerous game orangotang lobsterslol

  22. Emily says:

    Yes! Just like the good ol’ days. That was awesome*pi (3.1489273645908263453467901345987134065899….probably pi, but I don’t know, and if anyone corrects me, they have no life….)
    That was utterly beside the point, but the point is, you made my day. ^^

  23. CorporoQuadrigemina says:

    It’s sung quite beautifully on this site http://pi.ytmnd.com/ (pi)

    I wish work was actually like that, except the getting fired part.
    Twas fantastic indeed; ORANGUTAN LOBSTERS!

  24. Lucifer says:

    I do like that pi song….the sketch was alright. youve still made nothing that beats Gym Class though.

    Love y’all still immensely!

  25. Alexa says:


    you have been missed!

    good stuff. the best part was of course ben’s last, inconsolable ~pussaaay~. and adam’s failure of a high five

  26. Ryan says:

    I love how “the most dangerous game” was a reference to “Unity Force” where they fought the orangutan lobsster xD

  27. Cavernism says:

    JOEL! Good to see him back, if only for this one sketch.

  28. Dashi says:

    joel kicks major ass

  29. Xutler says:

    i shouldnt even be comenting on this cuz i am really just two kidz dressed up like a man

  30. Jillian says:

    I can totally picture the brain storming session for this:
    “How about… what would it be like if we all had real jobs?”

  31. amy says:

    i would fit right in

  32. feee says:

    loved Dave’s impersonation of the way deaf people speak.
    it was dead on.

  33. Skittles says:

    um… yeah well just wondering what was that bass song in the beginning???

  34. steven says:

    Best one in a LONG time!

  35. Chrissy Joy says:



    i freaking love raphael!!

  36. Beth says:

    I used to know up to 100, and I may have messed up a digit. And that was still only good enough for 2nd place in the pi contest.

    Oh, good sketch, too! I LOVE Joel!

  37. Carolyn says:

    I love it…classic OE :)

  38. Turt says:

    There’s a commercial on the radio channel I listen to every morning for a life insurance company…they have a satisfied customer introduce it and relate a conversation he had with one of the insurance’s employees, and says the employee’s name is Joel Clark…I always crack up at the thought of THE Joel Clark selling insurance.

  39. Colin says:

    Keep your day jobs guys.

    Seriously funny stuff.

  40. jon says:


  41. Daniel says:


  42. Ali says:

    Nice to see almost the whole gang again
    everyone except the other Adam and Jesse

    and what the hell
    why is Raizin called Raphael now
    I know thats his real name
    but, shucks

    and Caleb
    wow, your hair is really untamed

    but it was REALLLYYY nice to see all of you guys like the way you used to be <3

  43. woods says:


  44. James says:

    i like to see joel back

  45. Max says:

    you know how the blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived?
    Still deaf boss. I can hea a ting!

  46. Max says:

    has anyone else noticed that dave is constantly wearing purple?
    Except in sad drunk 15 year old, when he says to caleb, “purple makes you look gay”?

  47. Max says:

    how come this wont play past adams “problem”?

  48. Peaceandlovenow says:

    I’d never seen this one before and swore I’d seen every one you guys had put out whoa glad to finds it, funny like everything you guys do. Make more videos soon pretty pleassse. Your fans haven’t forgotten you we love you guys.

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