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  1. thePHREEK says:

    WTF were you guys smoking???LMAO

  2. Alexander says:

    WTF Mate? That was hilarious.

  3. Nadeem says:

    What was that song in the beginning?

  4. Dave says:

    song is Annie – Chewing Gum off her record Anniemal

  5. Beej says:

    Thier whiskers…..


  6. daniel says:

    what the fuck you guys? what the fuck? lol

  7. Phsyco*Hush says:

    joel called “suezanne” sue ellen there lol

  8. Sergeant Nate says:

    ahahahahaha you guys must have been drugged out of your dreaking minds at the beginning omg roflol!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Bkratz says:

    The genius in this sketch…it…i can’t even describe it.

  10. Jackie says:

    lol that was sooo messed up. This is random but Caleb’s cute

  11. L says:

    this will always be one of my favorites…its just so random!

  12. Will says:

    Is there anything better than Joel?
    I think not.
    You can tell that he wrote this one.
    I miss Joel.

  13. John says:

    Haha, I love his Thunder Cats pillow case. I want it.

  14. OuchStopYouGuys says:

    I think the “s” in the title should be changed to a “d”.

  15. Loryn says:

    on the road again…
    and then not!

  16. WAXER says:


  17. Tyson says:

    I love how you kept a continuity between this and Kidnapped with the same kidnapers.

  18. better than u says:


  19. groxiwulpis says:

    I just noticed that when joels reading he keeps look at his watch. LMAO
    i love this sketch, its so random

  20. B Lane says:

    This kinda stuff…is what makes Olde English like none others. Retardedly funny yet genius in its own way.

  21. Teresa says:

    well actually, this reminds me a little of stella.

  22. max says:

    Bye Joel!!!

    why does joel call every one sue ellen

  23. Mac says:

    Adam is beyond hilarious in this

  24. Ryan Snow says:

    Hot. Smokin hot. Man, why did you lose Suzanne and Helen, those girls were sexy!

  25. Dutch Master says:

    I like how long it takes him to figure out what his watch says.

  26. stringbean says:

    woooooo!!! Go Weezer with the song at the end! Yea!!!

  27. Sam Bass says:

    Very, very, funny, in fact hilarious! Poor Suzanne…of course no one was harmed in reality. Still. O my. This is such a unique, inventive style/brand of comedy, what a sublime alternative to mainstream boring junk! Thank you! Einstein said something about imagination being important. Frankly, you guys and this sketch are ingenious!

  28. Sam Bass says:

    There’s nothing like this in the mainstream. Nothing this high-quality, nothing this good, nothing unique in the way that “Ransom” and Olde English are unique. So uniquely good! Thank you for this and the other short films. Several of my favorites are in “The Vault” or are buried in “The Supervault”. Please consider putting all of those up according to year alongside the short films already present in the main section(s), because I highly doubt I would have found them without the help of a friend who navigated me through your website and showed them to me. This friend also introduced me to Olde English and your website. New fans (myself included) appreciate those videos and your old fans who seem to be extremely loyal (my friend included) are sad that it’s hard or impossible to find some of their favorites. I don’t intend to complain…just trying to provide constructive criticism and helpful feedback because I like your work and want all of you at Olde English, all of your loved ones, and all of us fans around the world to be as well-off and happy as possible. Where would you be without us (your fans)? We thrive because of you and you thrive because of us, its symbiotic. Frankly put are the words of my friend: “I need Olde English videos. They help treat my chronic depression.” I don’t have depression issues, but now I’ve come to understand what is meant. I would be bleaker and more frustrated without your videos and I’m certain they are a harmless form of helpful, positive “treatment” for many people. O my Ransom has made my day, as have quite a few of your other of your creations. You all do a very fine job. Nicely done, thank you for existing and doing what you do – I have seen the happiness and health of my friend improve and now I know why. My own happiness and health are improving. Stay happy and healthy yourselves.
    P.S. Next time I’m in New York for a good long stay, I will come to one of your live shows if not more than one.

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