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  1. Him says:


  2. Leah says:

    wonderful. a little too true… i could see this happening in my family…..

    love it.

    you guys never let me down.

  3. Mike-ums says:

    best one in a long time.

  4. Eric says:

    Would have been nice if the characters had been more “serious” in the beginning. The weeping looked fake and way over the top, weakening the impact of the transition from the grieving scene to the report card scene. It also made the first part borderline annoying. The plot and some of the dialogue is great though.

  5. Blake says:

    One of the best! Finest work in a while.

  6. matt says:

    that was the funniest shit i have ever seen. Cunt dick and yeah. LMFAO

  7. Midnight says:

    Disturbingly funny!
    I too would like to know if Mr. Lyons was an intentional Gunn reference.

  8. john says:

    a C-? That MOTHER FUCKER, i hope hes in HELL

  9. Brian says:


  10. Will says:

    The weird locomotive “yeah” dance was hilarious.

  11. Kendall says:

    That Rodney Dangerfield line made me happy in my pants

  12. Liz says:

    Fed, read, he’s fucking dead!


    I hate books!; I hate babies!

    Thank you for that XD

  13. Ashlee says:

    I would find this funny, if my best friend didn’t die yesterday.

  14. Ben says:

    Sorry to read about what you’ve been going through, Ashlee. Hope you’re all right–we’ll try to make you laugh this week.

  15. leah says:

    lol she hella conversationally danced!!

  16. Holla says:

    Well he was pretty busy fighting for his life

    A fight that he lost!


  17. Hana Fan says:

    WOO! Hana’s back! YAY!

    “Cunt dickin’ yeah”

  18. Chris says:

    This came out much better than the live version. I really liked the editing, delivery, and body language(?).

  19. Jerek says:

    “Way to not invent quantum mechanics, Neils.”

    Now that’s funny (not saying the sketch wasn’t).

  20. Noah says:

    Insane skit: “If there’s one thing we value in this household it’s CLASS PARTICIPATION!”

  21. sergeant nate says:

    that kid had an excelent description of hell. Jesus I’d hate to be guzzling arse juice *pukes on keyboard*

  22. sergeant nate says:

    rofl mother raper omg thats the first time iv heard that haha!

  23. Drew says:

    So who is that in the beginning? I really like ambient electronic, and that sounds pretty cool.

  24. Auron says:

    If I died, this is what my parents would do.

  25. Alex says:

    Going back and watching this on my computer… yeah… it is definately a contender for fave vid…

  26. Jeff says:

    Great sketch guys!!

    I”m a newbie to the Olde Englsih world and this was a great first impression.

    “Cock Dickin’ Yeah!”

  27. Jimmay says:

    that was really funny! geniusly written! and they totally pulled off that pointless swearing.


  28. Comedic Acorn says:

    this one would be my favorite still…

    new ones coming soon?

  29. Jerry Sienfeld? says:

    Is Dave modelling his character after Jerry Sienfeld a little? It seems dead on.

  30. Soontobeonthisshow says:

    That was so hilarious. Honestly, I was CRACKING up. When do you think there’ll be more new ones?

    Is this also on TV? Cuz I’ve only seen it online.


  31. Dashi says:

    fucking brilliant. brilliant writing, brilliant acting, it was pretty much a 10/10

  32. thebloodyhatchet says:

    From now on, I’m going to address everyone as “taint-bleaching cock penis.”
    To the OE crew, your site alone makes the internet worth while.

  33. Dan Bailey says:

    that friggin made my night, thank you hahahaha

  34. Emily says:

    “well, he did seem pretty busy fighting for his life!”

    “a fight which he LOST!”


    hahaha classic stuff.

  35. christmas says:

    OH my cock-dicken’ GOD that was some gosh darned good stuff. I love you guys to death.

  36. Sarah says:

    This is seriously one of the best sketches. If not, the best one.

  37. Sabrina says:

    I hate babies!!! Ohhh boy, this has got to be the best sketch I have watched. OE, I loove you.

  38. Chris says:

    lol “let’s go dig that fucker up!” very funny

  39. david says:

    i’d been away for so long… this is like a cornucopia of sketches for me… and now, dave and hana doing what has to be their finest characters? man, i’m late to work.

  40. Christmas says:

    I am Sooooo showing that one to my parents, they do that already, and I’m not even dead…

  41. alex says:

    hahaha “taint-bleaching , cock-penis” xDXD so funny. 10/10 fucking stars for this one!

  42. max says:

    He knows how much we respect the Navajo!!!

    That mother fucker…

  43. max says:

    why does Adam always play the child in skits. Except for in the 2nd gorrila video, I think. Doesn’t caleb play the kid?

  44. bob says:

    Let’s go dig that fucker up!

  45. That Guy says:

    I can see the boom mic when she says “I just did.” Way to make it Robert Rodriguez doodz!

  46. G-ray says:

    Honestly, “Tears in Heaven” by Clapton is what puts this over the top for me. It was hilarious, but when that song came on, I was filled with ironic laughter. Like the kind you have when someone delivers a good burn.

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