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  1. The Mona Lisa says:

    W00T first comment! I always love the part where Dave clears his throat and Adam goes “Oh yea, there’s a ball” or something like that.

  2. The Mona Lisa says:

    btw, on the page there is a typo. It says “The first Basball Game [6:01m]”

  3. ahoy! says:

    oddly enough this makes me wish families still gathered around those huge radios to listen to the green hornet and crap like that….NOSTALGIA, ACK!

  4. Max.... yes I have a dogs name says:

    Well done.

    You should do a remake but with picture. Just cause it would be cool. Also make more skits faster.

    No pressure.

  5. Betty says:


    that was one of the most amusing things ever done.

    i think i care too much about you guys.

  6. Emily says:

    I love how you guys do so many DIFFERENT things. Its really incredible how diverse you guys are. dont change a thing.

  7. That girl..... hi, i love this site! says:

    YAY hi, i love this site! my friend told me about this place! ‘_’

  8. Leonard says:

    Does this have a video?

  9. Adam says:

    Leonard — no, this sketch is MP3 only.

  10. Leonard says:

    Ah. For some reason the player doesn’t appear in Firefox, Chrome, nor Opera, but does appear in IE and Safari. Yes, I have five different browsers.

    Maybe you can make this a video file with a single image of a radio to avoid such problems.

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