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Featuring Julia Frey, and the camera work of one Asif Siddiky.

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  1. JAKEY. says:

    LOL. That video was hilarious. I laughed unbelievably hard whe nhe first saw the spot where he could put “vaginas” and all those words were hi-lighted. I almost wet my jeans over here. I recently discovered this site and now I’m hooked. Keep it up :)

  2. Josh says:

    Oh my god…Thats almost as good as the one where the guy and the girl are in the woods and it ends with “child molester”

    top notch

  3. Erica says:

    i may get laid tonight

    ………….or fall in love, whatever.

  4. Max says:


  5. senia fresh, says:

    Architecture In Helsinki!!!!

  6. Who?..Me! says:

    Nice…what about it?

  7. Soul says:

    Loved it.

  8. hAxxOR says:

    Tied for first with food rap. Those two are what I use to hook my friends to this site- along with gym class if they are weird. Always works.

  9. Sleepy says:

    #1- It is legal to do what he did, because there’s no clear way to define making those other words having seniority over VAGINAS as the attempted word. if that makes sense ;)
    #2- “Oh my God, that’s a big – – – – word”
    #3- Do I hear the distinct sound of someone gagging directly after the last of the 3 “extra” words is highlighted and he says “Oh my God”?

  10. Derek says:

    ^You think too much…

  11. Dani says:


  12. ryan of bamba productions says:

    you guys are my heroes…if it weren’t for you me and my friends would never have started a sketch comedy thing…we saw you live, this would have kicked ass live…*wonders about nose sex* well, anyway…WOOHOO OE>YOUR PARENTS

  13. Britney says:

    Haha, he could’ve used pain instead of poo

  14. koala says:

    not to be repetative of others comments, but yeah this movie rocked. many a laugh. the song was so very perfect for the occasion. slash the awkwardness.
    thank you for sharing. this made my life.
    scrabble playing-AiH listening-awkwardnessing- ppl unite…

    save the koalas. kelly from AIH likes wombats.

  15. Spencer says:

    greatest thing ever: his face when he says poontang, you can he hes fighting laughter

  16. Blank Space says:

    Hey … I just noticed:

    Ben couldn’t have played “poo” using both his O’s, because it intersects with “roots” (at the second O). Now, I’m pretty sure neither “ro” nor “ts” are legal Scrabble words, but, even were they, he’d have gotten the 5 additional points for completing “roots,” which would be a total of 12, as opposed to the 7 Julia puts him down for.

  17. CalgarC says:

    wtf this is soo funny. lol

  18. Dreamadi says:

    O! M! G!
    This clip CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I watched it every day for three months!!!!!!!! I memorized every line and my friends and I made a committee all about it!!!! I LOVE YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS MOVIE AND MY LIFE!!!! WTF WHERE DO YOU GET SUCH AMAAAAAAAZING IDEAS????????? IM JEALOUS!!!!!!!

  19. Dave says:

    It just seemed appropriate that this video would have 69 comments.

  20. Mahalat says:

    Know of anywhere in Brooklyn (or elsewhere) where you can go out and play scrabble? Actually sounds like a nice idea for a first date.

  21. Paul says:

    “…it is.”

    Four letters… one classic.

  22. Hana says:


    that is sexy

  23. Chris says:

    this is so funny!

  24. xwd says:

    What I want to know is how he knows “Nose sex” is a thing.
    Not so I can duplicate it. It’s just that it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing you make up or hear about.

    In any case, this video is totally awesome. Great production, I liked the stereo effects, the camerawork, the special effects and finding a good set-up for the Scrabble board must’ve been pretty hard. It’s not like this would ever happen in real life, right?

  25. Alex says:

    HA! I love this one… This time, it froze right after she said “If we had gone to a bar, we would’ve just ended up fooling around or something.”

    lol… it froze on the look on Ben’s face!

  26. Kiritic says:

    Were I the person on that date, managing to get down “Vaginas” “Gspot” “Poontang” and… and… “Nosesex” ALL AT ONCE would have substantially increased his chances of getting laid.

  27. Ali says:

    i aparently wrote about this one before
    but i find it so much funnier now

    oh and nice job with “to” as a word in the game

    and i cant belive nose sex is a thing
    i dont think anyone would want to attempt it though
    “it leaves and unpleasant smell”

  28. Skeet says:

    That actually made me laugh out loud.

  29. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Am I the first one to catch the sort of ahem-cough right after she says “it’s the olde english spelling” ?
    Like it’s a meta reference?
    You guys used the cough intentionally; I know it.

  30. Kiwi says:

    “I don’t think that’s a real thing”

    “Yes it is.”

    great 8D

  31. mike Nase says:

    this shit is off the hook

  32. Fans #543668631 and 543668632 says:

    This one made me and my wife laugh so hard I had to make a comment; years after it was made. My wife and I play scrabble with the soul/sole(?) purpose of trying to get erotic words to come up, so it made us laugh a lot.

  33. Dutch Master says:

    Unless I’m going crazy, you guys took out my favorite part, where she says that if they’d gone to a bar they’d probably have just ended up hooking up or something. Ben’s reaction was pure gold in the original.

  34. Uzeb says:

    Was this movie edited? It seems like some of the dialogue is missing from what I remember.

  35. Eternal Element says:

    Yeah, this WAS edited. You left out the part when he picks up the “V” and says something like “aww, love, maybe i will get lucky tonight” and the part where she said that if they had gone to a bar, that they would just end up having sex.

  36. Mike says:

    My God, how have I not heard of this site before? These videos are so funny.

  37. Niko M. says:

    This strikes so close to home. Except reverse the rolls

  38. Ian says:

    HAHAHA….wow….. I can’t….hah.

  39. Ian says:

    haha i must have watched this fifty times already and i’m still laughing

  40. Dutchie D. Grimsley says:

    It’d be really nice if you guys posted the directors cut version of this sketch, a la Caveminers.

    I don’t mean to whine, but these last few months have been brutal.

  41. Zach says:

    Heh. It turns out that “vaginas” and “vaginae” are both acceptable plurals according to the Scrabble dictionary.

  42. Joe H says:

    103 points, nice…

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