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  1. Mr. Noodles says:

    Just curious about what it is you folks ingest…

  2. Michael says:

    You guys are strait dope-heads, guys. You parodied so many different things, I’m not even gonnah list them…

    Why are you in the fridge, joint?

  3. Roth says:

    Do you guys have… a scarf I coud buy.


  4. Brian says:

    i forgot how much i love this sketch. Only Ben can make an apple seem dumbfounded.


    also Duct Tape

  5. snood is chic says:


  6. mike says:

    great ending

  7. Kim says:


  8. thePHREEK says:

    LMAO!!! retards

  9. nicolai says:

    Apple is right! The voice behind the milk-king is great..! Couldn’t be any funnier:D

  10. Tyson F. says:

    I remember when my friend still worked with me at Safeway. We drew on eggs like that back in the dairy cooler and put them out on the cooler shelf. I wonder what people thought when they got home and seen them. God I cant beleive I hav’nt gotten fired yet.

  11. nicole says:

    when they all say “asshole” in chorus at the end…i almost died laughing. thank you, olde english, thank you.

  12. Darren says:

    the milk is sort of like a benevolent ruler of a fridge, wise, all powerful, but not forever lasting.

    the characters are all really appropriate, like the depressive but funny and belligerant beer. annoying eggs. it all fits. good work.

  13. Emily says:

    haha what are you talking about the eggs are the best ones!! except perhaps the joint :)

  14. cathie says:

    Who did all the voices??? Obviously the apple was Ben but i couldn’t tell who any of the others were.

  15. Spencer says:

    Is it just me or does the beer can sound A LOT like bender from futurama

  16. melissa says:

    hiiiilarious. i think this is my favorite. the leftovers get all offended, “heyyyy”. and the milk jug – “no apple. he is right.” sooo priceless. i could watch it everyday.

  17. That girl. says:

    um, joint…… keh keh keh. wait… what the hell, this is hillarious

  18. Kirsten says:

    You can totally see the strings.

  19. Ella , israel says:

    =) so cuuute!
    did u guys actually made all those food-puppets?

    and let’s see if i gor it right – milk king= Dave,
    apple = Ben, eggs = Adam , Joint= Adam janos ,
    leftovers = Raizin
    and i couldn’t figure out who is the beer……..

    and now for the ultimate question-
    how can a person (Caleb) put on a baseball cap,
    talk like a retard, pick his nose,
    and still be cute as hell?

  20. ivee says:

    Beer = Raizin

  21. Rosie says:

    I’m a Unitarian but I don’t go to women’s meditation groups.

  22. elyseforpeace says:

    late night hilarity! i can’t stop laughing and that’s a good thing, the cure to my blues. thanks for creating and sharing such effective remedies.

  23. Sara says:

    “I wrapped them in foil.”

  24. max says:

    What a freaking bastard…

  25. max says:

    what a freaking pansy…

  26. Man Dee says:

    Dave is hilarious in this sketch.

  27. LegalizeIt says:

    Each and every one of my huge group of friends and almost-as-huge group of relatives here where I live (Austin, Texas) has seen this particular sketch (and either most of or all of the others on here) and LOVES it. We appreciate y’all. Extremely creative and original. A huge-as-the-Texas-sky thank you from all of us. I think about 3,0000 people here in Austin have seen this at this point, as friends pass the good news of its existence on to friends and family and so on, so on….WE LOVE Y’ALL THANK YOU FOR THIS AND ALL YOUR OTHER WORK PAST PRESENT FUTURE. :) <3 You are lauded and commended for your good work, which truly is a service for the benefit of humanity. Creativity, imaginatinativity/imagination, originality, harmless fun, harmless amusement, hysterical laughs = remedies to cure most ills. It is indeed said that 'the best medicine is laughter,' a timeless cultural proverb present around the world, no? YES. :) OE FOREVER! P.s. You guys should put all your work according to year in the main sections, it really limits people's ability to see some of your excellency that for some reason I can't comprehend y'all have deemed as unable to stand the test of time. I think you miscalculate your genius, and don't worry about the critics (I know you are big-time now), they will see a variety and there is so much to choose that in NO way will you be in danger of your careers or reputations, in fact in can only benefit you and THE PEOPLE whom it seems you truly wish to serve and do serve. You shall serve we, the people, more when you put ALL your videos in the main sections according to year. Trust all of us in Austin…(then again we are a little weird and um maybe LegalizeIt says it all…and well our city's motto is "keep Austin weird" so we embrace the weird…also weird is relative and can be genius…its in no way objective and can be great, pure greatness….lol haha anyway do consider…) PEACE AND LOVE. O and more…sorry this comment is so long I just really want you to know this because its important…the variety of work you have on here is one of the reasons why OE will stand the test of time because each individual human being is unique and well individual lol therefore what amuses some people on here won't amuse others, some videos I have watched with groups of people and several of the people just loved it more than anything else on here while others just liked it, didn't quite love it, and those who didn't love but just liked a particular video would see a different video and absolutely love it while those who loved the previous video were a bit less enthusiastic, so there's really something on here for everybody, it'd be great if it was more accessible because (and I'm sure this is intentional on y'alls part…or is it?) it is really hard to find THE VAULT and much harder to find THE SUPER VAULT. But those have some of the best stuff according to folks I know of course others dig your more I suppose mainstream-style stuff, I dig ALL of your stuff I have seen everything and enjoy it all, and remember there will always be people who will be mean and rude about your work whatever video it may be however many many more people will be amused. The quality or quanity question comes in and in the case of OE, all the videos are quality and a greater quantity of them that is easily viewable by the public ensures more of the following things by, for, and instilled in people who need it: joy, smiles, entertainment, inspiration, creative and quality thinking/thought/questioning, intrigue, appreciation, laughter, hope, and happiness. Thanks for giving me all those things…wow what a long ramble I hope you read it and post it though. Now, a final big-as-the-Texas-sky round of applause combined with a hug of that scale for Olde English! Bravo! :) <3 thank you thank you thank you

  28. George says:

    Perfection. My favorite for too many reasons to list.

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