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Featuring Julie Klausner, Chris Caniglia, Anne Johnson, Anthony King, Lisa Haim, Robin Gilmartin, and Bill Rapp.

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  1. Anon says:

    First comment! Love it!

  2. Brandon says:

    Haha!! Genius. as always.

  3. Stacy says:

    well that certainly was…interesting.

  4. TimTheEnchanter says:

    Wow, first…or something…
    Pretty neat invention you made there, Adam, where can I order it?
    Yeah nicely done, indeed, but what is that thing actually???
    Beats me…
    And whose grandpa was that?

  5. A Bush says:

    Well, how much does it cost, and where can I get one?

  6. Ryan says:

    It made me chuckle, pretty good. You have better ones but you still cease to fail me, OE :D

    I’ll never go back to pooping the same way again!

  7. Stoltz says:

    I have no questions about it at all!

  8. Brian the Colonist says:


    Did you guys know this has *actually* allready been done? Not in comedy, in all seriousness.

  9. Jae says:

    Where can I get one of these?!!!
    I need one! I’d never have to poop the old way again!

  10. Feee says:

    no comment

  11. James says:

    meh…. really i have been disappointed recently…

  12. sergeant nate says:

    so i get to keep the poop right?

  13. red25o says:

    I like the use of so many new actors

  14. Alexa says:

    Your’e saying I can have poop jokes…AND an infomercial parody? *All at the same time?*

    Best part was the screen-freeze effect on the woman after she says the (also funny) shaped-like-a-swan line. Very nice.

  15. Magnus says:

    “The machine that turns food into poop is not to be used as a substitute for eating.” :P

    That was an impressively persuasive infomercial. Although, when it comes to eating food, I think most Americans wouldn’t have this kind of dilemma.

    “So….I don’t have to eat the food but I still get to keep the poop?” LOL
    Great stuff, but not top tier in my opinion

  16. FilmFan says:

    Perfection! Not a detail was missed. From the intro.footage, to Tim Grumman not looking at the camera but to his notes, the copyright information under the machine to the interviews with everyday people. I can’t imagine the work that went into this film. Amazing!!!! Keep it coming OE!

  17. Colin says:

    The production of this video is flawless. It reminds me of that South Park where they crap out their mouths.

  18. Paul Jacob says:

    Funny concept.

    You spoil the best joke by putting it in the title. Sketches like “Cave Miners” work because the audience only figures out exactly how ridiculous every character is after hearing them speak their parts. But here the punchline is given to us before the joke.

  19. John Cussins says:

    Guys, I fell in love with you when I saw your old videos, now i have fallen out of love. As soon as super delux became a part of it its gone downhill. I poor out some beer for your old videos

  20. Alymicy says:

    Yes! This was great! I love seeing your new sketches! Well, your old sketches have always been better, but it seems you’re getting back on track. You guys are awesome!


  21. Emily says:

    I’m afraid I’m also going to have to pour out the beer, this was just….lame. I think that’s the best way to describe it.

  22. sup says:

    it was okay, not great and the title ruined the joke

  23. Xutler says:

    but everybody poops! the book said so!!!!!

  24. no_pooper says:

    i dont!

  25. Selden Li says:

    Adam is then best technologist ever!

  26. Megan says:

    Ah ha ha ha, Adam’s hair/too-short-pants/fake tan! Wonderful.

  27. James says:

    I’m sorry guys, usually I love your stuff, but you lost me on this one.

  28. Melissa says:

    And think of all the calories you’ll save!

    Indulge without the guilt!

  29. Emma says:

    You guys totally used the Habitrail Ovo, didn’t you?
    Oh working in a petstore…

  30. Matt says:

    Personal testimony woman – “I have no questions about it at all!” Brilliant you guys, awesome job!

  31. clark says:

    at the bottom it says “the machine that turns food into poop is not to be used as a substitube for eating” in fine print at 2:24

  32. John Marlo says:

    Is it just me, or does Adam have a black eye in this?

  33. Patrick says:

    There’s a real machine that turns food into crap. It’s called Cloaca. look it up.

  34. Gina says:

    I made the fatal mistake of eating food while I watched this. bad idea, BAD IDEA. I nearly choked to death.
    you guys are geniuses.

  35. xutler says:

    2 years of my life down the toilet (yes the pun was intended)

  36. Nilla says:

    There actually is a machine made to turn food into poop – it’s called “Cloaca” and was created in Belgium. It’s a lot bigger than this one (approximately 39 feet), but it’s real. you put food in one end, the food is run through a series of different chemicals in tanks before it is finally squeezed out the other end as poop. I nearly died laughing when I learned about it; oh, what wonderful advances science and technology have brought us!
    here’s an article:

  37. Tony says:

    sweet rip off. Kind of makes you forget that the machines will take over the earth one day. Oh wait they just showed it.

  38. Erin says:

    aw man. im pretty sure i recognize the parts of that machine….i had a hamster that lived in one of those

  39. Jimmy says:

    What was that flash of Adam at 0:43?

  40. benny says:

    i was probably the only one willing to squint at the end of it and read the copy right notice and that it says the machine that will turn food into poop is not meant to be a substitute for eating. haha

  41. Revel says:

    Wim Delvoye? http://www.cloaca.be/machines.htm

  42. Gagy says:

    I thought the video was okay.

  43. Monkey says:

    The way Adam grins here always cracks me up. xD

  44. Casey says:

    Haha that was awesome!

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