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Featuring a SPECIAL SURPRISE GUEST as The Mayor!
Special thanks to Max ZT.

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  1. Paul says:

    The song is Deus Ibi Est from the album Ballad of the Broken Seas by Isobel Campbelle and Mark Lanegan.

    Victoria actually recognized the song before I even asked the question. I just didn’t realize what she was referring to untill now.

  2. h3lix says:

    The writing is brilliant.
    However, the audio isn’t very level. The voices are too quiet and the music too loud.

  3. Aleksey says:

    It’s great! Just what I needed to make today worth it. No, really!

    And great Mayor!!! Ours is slightly balding and has a pedo-smile.

  4. Kim says:

    you guys are always so hilarious, and amazing.

  5. Hipster Scum says:

    -still watching, the mayor’s long since on screen-
    -0-0!!- JESSE NOVAK!!

    Glad to see you, Jesse. And Ben, I love your comments, they always make me laugh.

  6. Zoowart says:

    Jesse, Oh wonderful person with the same last name as me… I saw that script in your back pocket.

  7. Suki says:

    Hahahahaha. Oh, Jesse. How we missed you. I miss Janos a lot too. =[

    But anyway, this was amazing and great and probably the best thing in the world. I flew from Newark to Denver a couple days ago and when I saw the New York skyline the only thing I could think about was “HOLY SHIT THAT’S WHERE OLDE ENGLISH IS!!” You know you’re loved.

  8. feee says:

    hey, ya know what?! I know where that place is because I go there like 24/7! I know that is it!

  9. Julia says:

    Ah, I always imagined the Parks Department would be situated in a park. Great sketch- I lost it at the “parade,” which was all kinds of wonderful with the sarcasm.

    Nice seeing Jesse! And now I’m going to hunt down the music, as it is amazing as well.

  10. davids dad says:

    just a happy proud dad did not know you knew jibberish just thought you were latin geman and pig latin
    great video
    as most are
    some i don’t get
    but i love watching

  11. Kyle says:

    kickass sketch guys.

    I loved it.

    And hooray for the re-return of Jesse!

  12. Rin says:

    Why do you all continuously make my life?!

  13. Timmahh says:

    didn’t suck at all

  14. Ron Newman says:

    Hey Guys – I’ve been checking out your work for quite some time now – this sketch is outrageous! Some of your best work – the music, the comedic timing – surreal combination of shirt/tie/greatdoors – love the empty coffee carafe – what a hoot!
    Side note to Dave from your old high school drama teacher – let me know when you might be back in town – we now have over 100 students in film studies – and I’m always pointing them to your site…….. it would be great to have you back to share your work – stay well – keep creating….. Ron

  15. Greg says:


  16. Jawsh says:

    The birth of the glove?

  17. Chaz says:

    “hey, i’m so in love with u i 4got how 2 speak english hdhsgbgjdsbjhbgsj” is a great lin
    This was an awesome clip.

  18. seargeant nate says:

    god post #38 my arch enemy potatoe spelled my first name wrong. Can u believe it?!

  19. seargeant nate says:

    oh wait no i did sorry

  20. scott says:

    Luckily I’m not so starved for entertaiment that I would call this anything but crappy. Pointless drivel with a mildly humorous side (and I’m being very generous) would be an appropriate way to describe this waste of Immature high school psuedo-film freaks might call this good-but it really isn’t worth watching. I have gotten more enjoyment watching my toenails grow.

  21. Jimi says:

    the music is Deus Ibi Est for those who are lost

    Rock Rox my sox off!!!!!

  22. Holla says:

    scott youse a bitch

  23. Luke says:

    scott you fucking loser shut up. These are the coolest people ever, and this is the coolest website ever. Olde english rocks. I come one here everyday. Also this sketch is sweet guys you all kicked ass specially dave

  24. Jones says:

    it’s good, but your eyelines are all completely off and it makes it confusing. great stuff as always, but you’ve definitely made better

  25. Pierre says:

    “And your voice, its like a chorus of castrated angels…”

    Man I love you guys. This skit was friggin’ genius, I have no idea
    how you come up with this stuff….ridiculously awesome…that’s all I got

  26. Valerie says:

    Ahahvajodhf! Jesse!

  27. Tyson F. says:

    Even if they were ass holes I would still totally take all that money Dave was throwing.

  28. sergeant nate says:

    poor adam

  29. Spamlet says:

    Colin Farrell Burrito, Shakespeare and Whitman and the stock footage ending were all priceless. Great outdoors office premise, too

  30. Katie says:

    I love Dave. He’s so awesome, and funny. he perfected his role as the asshole co-worker. well done!

  31. Zeriose says:


  32. GlenGlingo9 says:

    That guy who plays the mayor reminds of some1 i know at school

  33. GlenGlingo9 says:

    U guys R great will U B my friend?

  34. christmas says:

    This may be my most favoritest sketch ever in all of history.
    Barry, I want to have your children!

    by the way, I’m curious… What’s with the pi in the lower left hand corner? I must know, and if you dont’ tell me I shall hurt myself and/or others.
    Thanks kids

  35. christmas says:

    This may be my most favoritest sketch ever in all of history.
    Barry, I want to have your children!

    by the way, I’m curious… What’s with the pi in the lower left hand corner? I must know, and if you dont’ tell me I shall hurt myself and/or others.
    Thanks kids

  36. Jubul says:

    What a classic, I honestly think this is my favorite OE sketch ever created. it’s perfect! and Jesse is in it! YAY!

  37. James says:

    I think an interesting way to look at it is that they’re not being sarcastic at all, but they’re acting like they are. I mean, the mayor did come to the park, Dave did throw a $20 bill at Adam, and apparantly he did get a parade. If not for the cards that tell you right off that the Parks Dept. is full of assholes, one might think they were being serious. That’s my two cents.

  38. davana says:

    oh WOW that was SUCH a GOOD video!

    (no seriously)

  39. B Lane says:

    one of the funniest shorts I’ve seen recently…wait…wait for it…no…yeah…yeah, no it’s one of the funniest shorts I’ve seen EVER. You guys are hilarious. Keep up the good work. Don’t let me down.

  40. B Lane says:

    Oh yeah and scott (#70) needs to loosen up a bit. Sure it’s mindless but it’s hilarious acting and pretty good writing. So stop taking comedy so seriously.

  41. Lilly says:

    i found it hilarious and the music was really cool.

  42. Aaron says:

    How come Jesse lowered his voice and said “You bet” a second time?

  43. Mr. Tom says:

    J0 R A11 j341ous 0 m4h M4d 5ki11z

  44. max says:


  45. max says:

    sarcasm at its finest

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  47. Max says:

    i love that shirt

  48. Emily says:

    “I really love all the typos it really gives it flavor.” Hahahaha…..

  49. Sam Bass says:

    98 (now 99) comments and all of them are positive, everybody loves this – you should put it with the other videos (not in the vault/supervault), it definitely has stood the test of time and always will. Isn’t it obvious? Its about as close to perfection as anything can get. :) Nicely done, guys! Seriously read all the comments, all the positive comments, all 99, and consider…

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