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  1. Nicole says:

    “cutey butoootey”

    that made me smile

    and “I’ve never seen this letter before…”
    “Oh! it’s an I”

  2. Jake says:

    Joel! His triumphant return!

  3. Emily says:

    Nice use of the Mmmbop lyrics in the background you guys ;)

  4. sarra says:

    I cried from laughing so hard, that was hilariouss!!!!!!!!!

  5. Alymicy says:

    “Pina Colota? Jujitsu Yomama?!”

    Ahh, that’s a classic skit guys…..Should be in that section

  6. Alymicy says:

    Oh, I forgot, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!

    (I didn’t want to forget, anyways, so I thought I’d say it….mehehe)

  7. Emily says:

    “Tick tock, grandfather clock, swatch stopwatch running a marathon last October….”

  8. Me says:

    Ben was trying to sound it out the entire time, the others were deviating A LOT… so it makes sense that Ben would figure it out before them.

    Still, they should have listened when they were told. Not to improve the sketch any, but for poor Caleb’s sake!

  9. Andy says:


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