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  1. Shirley says:

    This video always makes me miss the old olde english members.

    video idea: where are they now? : old olde english members :D

  2. Michael says:

    Yeah, this was the first Olde English i saw. I was pretty young back then, and the idea of “blojob rock” was comedic genius. Sad thing is, it still is. And the general obsurdity was amazing. (80 years later and it’s still here! and later 15 years ago)

  3. Roth says:

    Totally awesome. xD

  4. JesusStoleMySnowcone says:

    You cant move the blowjob rock!


  5. Kaylee says:

    DID IT BLOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. tara says:

    OMG! I have to know what was in there! COME ONNNNNN!!!!

    life’s so unfair.

  7. amsterz says:

    I loved this one, totally awesome

  8. Ali says:

    “what did you put in there Sue Ellen?”
    ah haaa

    yeah i agree, it makes me miss the old Olde English cast too.

    “Maybe its a dud… naw back then i was such a perfectionist, it’ll go off”
    OMG Jesse was hilarious in this one, seriously, this haaas to be one of his best

  9. dude says:

    i miss joel and him calling everyone Sue Ellen

  10. mikael says:

    you should make a sequel to this one.

  11. cepix says:

    he looked at his arm not his watch even though he didnt have one

  12. max says:

    Those ARE worth a lot these days…

  13. seargant nate says:

    “No its was a beached roller coaster remember. All the people were trying to push it back in.”


  14. stringbean says:

    i dont understand the part about not moving the blowjob rock

  15. Jam says:

    Such a cool concept/idea, such a great sketch! I love it a lot! I hope my friends and I will grow up to be as inventive and cool as you guys. Awww warm fuzzies I wonder if your group of friends watch this and get warm fuzzies. Hahahahaha lol

  16. Jennifer says:

    Shirley in the first comment, i love what you wrote “video idea: where are they now? Old Olde English members” I’d definitely watch. wow you guys have been making sketches almost a decade now and it’s all pretty brilliant can’t wait to see more released stuff be it old or new be it that video idea or not.

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